In general, there are numerous methods are accessible on the internet to offer the path using WhatsApp on your computer, however, essential Android Emulator which is named as Bluestack. Currently, several users found they still today they are finding freelance services rather problems to install these types of emulators on the computer so that they incapable of using WhatsApp on computer. For a PC without a help of graph car, it is not likely to install Bluestacks.

We distinguish that WhatsApp is one of the leading instant messaging application for Smartphone. Actually, WhatsApp is fast along with smartest messaging app merely for Android, Blackberry, iOS as well as Windows mobile OS. While we usage WhatsApp for the computer with a help of a package of the emulator like YouWave plus Bluestacks then it occupies an enormous quantity of space on your PC or laptop together with it takes a big time to start the application.


Manymo is an online emulator by the help of this emulator you can use WhatsApp online for free along with simple on laptop or PC.  With an aid of this online emulator, you need not have to download bundle of software on your PC or Laptop to use WhatsApp. Instead of having a Smartphone such as iOS, Android, and Windows OS you can use WhatsApp online directly for free on the internet browser. Here you can access multiple numbers of WhatsApps online free along with different numbers you have. Here is the simple and the step-by-step procedure help you install and run WhatsApp online of free applications on the browser instead of using YouWave and Bluestack.

  • Initially, visit the official website and create your account.
  • After making your account, sign for a free account on Manymo web site and check your account by clicking a mouse button on the registering link in your email account.
  • Today, download Whatsapp.apk from legally authorized websites.
  • Afterward downloading, now click choice “Launch Emulators” as well as select Launch by App.
  • Click on the switch Upload.
  • Now, hit the launch switch to start the emulation procedure.

The whole process accomplished effectively by using Manymo. It is the perfect way of using Whatsapp online free on PC or laptop, while you could download free WhatsApp online. So, through the sign up a free account on Manymo, you could download and access, usage an android app on your Laptop and PC straight from your browser. You can hire freelancers as this is not an easy task


If you choose to avoid using android emulators similar Bluestacks for using WhatsApp on your PC or laptop, simply you could rely on Wassapp that aids you to stay adjusted with your friends together with some features, which are accessible in WhatsApp app. Actually, Wassapp is not an authorized user of WhatsApp android messenger, wherever you could install the app on any windows Laptop otherwise PC and it is supple to use. While you use this app on your PC, it is not essential for you to usage Graphics cars or else requisite to upsurge RAM memory volume; actually, the application proffers you added features compare toward WhatsApp mobile app. Here, you could find easy phases to aid you to install as well as run WhatsApp online of free applications in the browser somewhat than using an android emulator.

  • The first phases you have to download Wassapp software, as well as afterward downloading the software, connect on your PC or Laptop.
  • When, if the application fitted on your device, today it able observes two diverse options such as Login in addition to the Register.
  • If your usage previously used WhatsApp on your mobile device plus now you have to register, afterward registering, enter the mobile number along with a password.
  • After ongoing effectively, mobile number plus password, wait for an instant until the application gathers all your required information. Today, you detect the chat screen plus your contact list on the screen.

For those who do not own an account on WhatsApp, suggested to download the apps on your mobile device primarily and generate an account. This is the at ease technique to use the app on your PC otherwise Laptop. You can hire freelance services as experts are not available for this technical task


Still, now, numerous people cannot afford those types of a Smartphone otherwise may need to usage WhatsApp on their computer. It is likely for you to use WhatsApp on your computer with the aid of Android Emulators; however, it needs to hire freelancers a huge quantity of space and occupies lots of space on your computer. So as to overcome these difficulties, you can usage unofficial WhatsApp for example Whatsapple.

  • First, you have to download plus install the Whatsapple app on your PC
  • Afterward downloading plus installing the software effectively, now you requisite to enter your User plus Password.
  • For password, you requisite to make one time plus Whatsapp need one time registering process, so as to for the first time make the Whatsapp Password as well as open “Whatsapp Password Maker” from the Desktop.
  • Then, please enter the mobile number as well as press “Request Code” switches.
  • Now you obtain a confirmation cipher on your mobile number as well as now type the confirmation code received in your text box.
  • Now, click “Confirm code” switch.
  • A new dialog box would appear in front of you that displays you the Whatsapp Password as well as ask you to enter it down, though, don’t write it just click on “OK”.
  • Once, if you get a username plus Password open “Whatsapple for computer” Main .exe from the desktop.
  • Now, click on Add as well as enter username plus the password to make in a window. You furthermore click “remember password” choice so that, you no requisite to make the password in every time while you sing in.
  • Now click on add, plus you can start talking with your friends

Henceforth, these are the diverse approaches aids you to usage WhatsApp online without using an android emulator on your computer or Laptops. These approaches will be easy for you toward install and access. Henceforth, follow these approaches and gain the profits.