WordPress is a platform that provides a lot of plugins to create an e-commerce website. Selecting a shopping cart plugins for your E-commerce website is a difficult task. The WordPress platform consists of numerous libraries of plugins. Using that plugin, you can modify your site according to your business requirement. WordPress e- commerce plugins provide a way to WordPress user to sell product from your WordPress site. The features you see in the plugins are with a suitable customized option, an easy to use interface, and compatibility with your chosen theme. The most important thing about e-commerce website while choosing plugins is that your plugins must support proper payment get away. Following are the list of WordPress plugins for E-commerce and each has a unique feature. You can hire freelancer online who is well known about e-commerce plugins.

 List of WordPress plugins for E-commerce

Easy Digital Downloads

The easy digital download is the plugin for only digital download. Using this plugin no one can sell physical goods. Its use in digital download makes it ideal for that purpose. This tool offers excellent customer support with hundred of variations and customization options. The plugins consist of numerous well-documented methods regarding modification and installation and also supports an active community. This plugin is not compatible with the sale of external products such as thorough affiliated scheme. It also has a lack of ability for physical goods based transactions.

Cart 66

Cart66 is the most powerful and most secure WordPress plugin. Using this you can easily sell digital as well as physical products, and it also supports online stores are PCI Compliant. It also enables customers to create accounts when purchasing items and it also supports multiple shipping and currency options. Initially, it is freely available up to 14 days and then after it starts at $9.99 per month. Cart66 is the excellent plugin which supports 102 supported payment gateway that enables you to include taxes and discounts at checkout. Using this plugin, you can get ads easily on any page and do affiliated marketing for more profit. It has features like enabling customers to create accounts, store credit card information and provide incredible security and support.

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce is one of the powerful WordPress plugins that allows business to safely and securely carry out their transactions online. This plugin offers some free and premium extensions to enhance your websites. It also offers digital and physical sales options so that no matter what services you offer the plugin is applicable. It has almost as much customization options as WordPress itself.  It supports the sale of affiliated goods from the online marketplace. If you want to give grip on services and not consider any choices, then Woo is one of the most convenient e-commerce plugins. It has the feature like it offers global shipping, support secure bank transfers, and makes history of each transaction. Find freelancers who have complete knowledge of Woo Commerce Plugin.


Jigoshop is the powerful alternative to woo commerce, and it has essential features to host e-commerce website. It is possible to make a full fledged online shop with various Jigoshop products. You can also provide a various attribute to the product so that user easily refines the product according to their requirement. The plugin is freely available but has some cost attached plugins. The main feature of this plugin is that it provides functionality to group your products.


Shopify is one of the Plugins that provide the excellent E-commerce solution. It will handle multiple technical aspects and much easier for you to focus on selling your products. This plugin checks whether the individual item is present in the stock and track them using order tracking software. It is a plugin used not only for e-commerce but also allows face to face payments. Shopify is not freely available; you have to pay a monthly charge for this plugin. If you want to modify the system anyway and want to introduce additional features, then you have to pay the extra amount for the monthly premium. It is costly than other plugins, but it is simple and provides a high level of security. You can hire freelancer online who is well known about shopping cart plugins.

Wp E-commerce

WP e-commerce is most popular WordPress plugins in the market with 1.5 million download. It is easy to install and consist of a variety of themes that extend the functionality of this theme. It has a feature to manage product like the digital product and physical product. It provides multiple payment options including manual, PayPal, etc. It supports multiple shipping options and completely customizable layout.


MarketPress is plugin developed by WPMU Dev team, and it is full featured e-commerce suite for WordPress. Why is it called full featured? Because it is the only plugin that handles all of your needs. It supports most payment gateways and manages shopping costs for custom orders. It has a feature to manage the digital and physical product. The premium versions provide the complete range of payment options and create additional store models.


YAK is the freely available plugin and connects with weblog so that your post ID becomes your product code. It manages multiple payment options like cheques, PayPal, and credit card. It also offers different payment gateways. It gets easily categorized into different products according to attribute for the shopping cart.

PayPal Shopping cart

PayPal is a solution that helps you with PayPal branded ‘add to Cart’ and ‘View Cart’ buttons anywhere on your websites. PayPal handles payment by credit card and debit card. The plugin is freely available, but it requires the transaction fees. This plugin support has 25 currencies and 18 languages. According to your item details, it offers quick cart button creation feature. Find freelancers with complete knowledge of best shopping cart plugins.


In this article you know about the best WordPress plugins for e-commerce solution and also know the features of plugins each plugin has a unique feature. If you want to use any one of the plugins you should first investigate about that plugin and download according to your requirement.

Kitty Gupta