PayPal Holdings, Inc. is electronic commerce American based company support online money transfer and operating a worldwide online payment. It was developed by Max Levchin, Peter Theil, Luke Nosek, and Ken Howery in 1998 and it is world largest payment companies operate as a payment processor for online vendors. You can find freelancers who have good knowledge of PayPal App.

The App is simple and uses encryption software that is useful for people to make the financial transfer through computers. Using PayPal customer creates an account through websites and that account connected through credit card and checking account. Now PayPal boasts over 190 markets worldwide and over 100 million active accounts. It makes online purchase safer by providing a form of payment without requiring the payee by relating the bank account number.

PayPal has securely transferred money from one account to another account in a faster and immediate way. The fact of PayPal is that it transfer money unless the amount of money available to make the transfer. If you want to use PayPal or send money through PayPal, you should first sign up as a member. It is free service as you remain only buyers while you sing up the system ask some basic question and perform login through email id and password. You get the confirmation message of account opening by email, and you will perform account activation using that provided link in the email.

You have to add and withdraw money from many different ways. You can connect your account with debit card, credit card, and bank account and add and withdraw money using this. PayPal is free for the buyer, but it is not free for the seller. As a seller, you have to pay maximum amount 1.9% if your sale plus 25 cents. You have to pay the quarter amount if your sale is under $15.

Features of PayPal:

PayPal is available in 25 countries using this you can send money deposit money, and receive Money. The PayPal platform supports different currencies like Euro, Pound, Australian Dollar, US Dollar, and Canadian Dollar.

PayPal is browser sensitive software in 2006 it introduces security key against fraud. It has two key security key and Mobile security key. The security key is the key that is useful for a small sized device such as credit card that makes security code. In Mobile Security Key person gets security code via SMS to your mobile phone.

PayPal developed security software which traces out the location of an account user is determined once you log in to PayPal account. Using this app, you can determine the browser history that will help to detect fraud IP address.

This platform allows a user in November 2009 to transact their money Peer to peer with high powerful security.

You can withdraw your PayPal funds via credit card through your bank account. The transaction is concluding within 3-5 working days. You can hire freelancers working in this sector and who have knowledge of how to add PayPal to IOS.

It has very fast and efficient customer support. If you have a query regarding PayPal, the customer support replies within two working days through mails and phone calls.

In 2011 PayPal has 232 million accounts because of its powerful methods. Now more than 100 million accounts were active.

The customer has optional account choice either you chose a personal account or premium account when you sign up. It depends on whether you choose for online purchase and receiving payment and whether you want to use the account for the company for sending out payment for the customer. You can find freelancers working on PayPal app.

Free protection of your bank account, debit card, and credit card. Freely deposit money through worldwide bank accounts. For UK citizen free to withdraw your PayPal money to your bank account instantly with more security. Now PayPal becomes more secure which is the best for its user.

PayPal seller has low transaction fees against debit cards, and banks. On the website, the seller can add PayPal order button on their websites within minutes. PayPal buyer does not require personal information while shopping. PayPal buyer connects their either debit card, credit card or bank account with the personal email address.

How to Use PayPal for IOS app store:

Before PayPal, launch apple user can perform payment transaction using a registered bank card and gift card. Now Apple is adding the PayPal as a new payment method to the app store, iBookstore, Apple music service, and iTunes Store. To buy apps, music’s, TV shows, and movies Apple users will be able to add PayPal to their Apple ID.

PayPal is the excellent alternative for gift card users who don’t want to attach a credit card to their account. PayPal encourages the user to buy apple services that are roll out from many days. Download your PayPal app and link your PayPal account to your Apple Id and using this you can perform music download, pay for apps, movie rentals

  • Sign to iTunes using Apple ID and touch ID.
  • Select payment option and select PayPal and account.
  • Authenticate your account after its future purchases will be charged to your PayPal account.

After linking your PayPal account to Apple ID, you will able to perform multiple features secularly and perform different transaction quickly on all your Apple devices, including Apple watch and Apple TV. Using PayPal, you need not share your bank details using Apple ID you can perform all transaction. The PayPal payment method is now launching in Canada, Germany, Mexico, and the UK. The PayPal app is launching in the remaining country in coming days. You can hire freelancers who have complete knowledge about launching PayPal.


In this article, you get information regarding PayPal. PayPal is the world’s best secure platform for an online transaction with more than 125 million users. In this article, you also know about the different features of PayPal and how to add PayPal to IOS app store. As Apple adds PayPal to its app store, it creates a lot of advantages to users.

Kitty Gupta