What is Linux Mint?

Linux Mint is an open source operating system based on Ubuntu and Debian. It is most powerful and easy to use the operating system. Mint is specially for multimedia support on the desktop. The project was suggested by Clement Lefebvre and was developed by Linux Mint and community. It is an Operating System required by all softwares for online functionality and email. It also supports multimedia content whether online or from physical media and users own file. It also includes third party browser plugins such as java, media and codecs and others plugins that support commonly accepted standard. This operating system is also available with some desktop environments that includes the Cinnamon desktop such as MATE, KDE, and Xfec. It also supports DVD and BluRay playback as well as flash for streaming media. Mint OS has highly secured firewall. Hence it does not require the antivirus. Find freelancers who have knowledge of Linux mint, and you also get certified freelancers for these two OS.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is the open source and complete Linux operating system available with both community and professional support. This software is also available in the local languages and sponsored by Canonical Ltd. It is not licensed fees to Ubuntu, and it supports technical support and professional service related to Ubuntu. It is the excellent distribution for beginners. Ubuntu software includes the very best in translation and accessibility infrastructure offered by free software community.  Previously this operating system was available only for personal computers, but now it is also available for servers. The word Ubuntu comes from African Zulu language that means humanity to others. The Ubuntu releases its new version after every six months. The primary version of Ubuntu is GNOME that means GNU Network Object Model environment. It supports graphical user interface and set of desktop applications for Linux. Because of GNOME nonprogrammers handle Linux easily, and it is similar to windows desktop environment.

Difference between Linux Mint and Ubuntu

By default, Ubuntu is the unity desktop, and from Ubuntu, you can install a wide variety of additional desktop and third party personal package archives.  The two versions of Mint with different desktop are cinnamon and MATE. Cinnamon is the desktop created on new technology without throwing out standard desktop element. MATE has a use in GNOME 2 desktop that is used by Linux mint and Ubuntu and both works similarly. Which desktop you want to choose completely depends on you. The unity of Ubuntu is more jarring for users of older Linux desktop environments. Mints desktop environments are less of drastic change. You can find freelancers working on Ubuntu OS as well.

After every six months, Ubuntu release a new version that means in year two versions come in April and October. Each release supports up to 9 months, and after that, it stops receiving official updates. It also supports Long term support (LTS) releases that means it supports up to 5 years. After two years Ubuntu releases its two LTS version. Linux Mint also releases its two versions per year, but the schedule is unsure. The LTS version is also available in LINUX Mint, and it also supports for up to five years.

Mint includes proprietary software and codecs out of the box, but it has less differentiating features. The Ubuntu latest versions allow you to enable single check box during installation and hence it automatically grab proprietary software and codecs.

Linux Mint is the user-friendly distro based on Ubuntu and Debian. Whereas Ubuntu is the flavour of Linux that means it is free and Morden elegant and comfortable operating system which is very powerful and easy to use.

When you install Ubuntu on desktop computers and on laptops and many famous vendors that include Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, and HP.  Ubuntu launches their own software BQ Aquaris that run on a version of Ubuntu touch.  The CompuLab produces mini- PC that is MintBox an interesting project of the mint operating system. The 10 of the available price goes back to the Linux mint project. You can still hire freelancers working on Linux Mint OS.

For the different device, Ubuntu releases its several editions, but the main and important edition of desktop referred to as simply Ubuntu. The server edition of Ubuntu such as for smartphone and Tablet Ubuntu Touch, for smart TV Ubuntu TV is available. The Chinese version for Ubuntu desktop is also available that is Ubuntu Kylin. For educational software Edubuntu is available. And for home theater PC Mythbuntu is available.  Linux Mint has 32 and 64-bit editions with included multimedia codecs or without them. In 2010 Linux mint released distribution which is known as Linux mint Debian Edition. It has user-friendly features, and the main purpose is Debian testing comes with 32 bit and 64-bit versions. There are two official versions available that is LMDE-MATE and Cinnamon, but according to requirement user can install only one.  For hardware manufacture the OEM edition of Linux mint is available.

You can download and install Linux Mint codecs, and by default Flash, Java, and other multimedia essentials are available. For Ubuntu OS, you need to install them yourself. In Ubuntu and mint, the default applications are same whereas it offers LibreOffice, Thunderbird, and Firefox, but Mint also includes VLC, Pidgin, and GIMP. The Linux mint includes import repository so that you can easily install skype, opera, and Picasa. The Linux mint includes mint-desktop, mind upload, mint constructor and mint update a standalone helper utility which is useful for installing and managing the system updates. You can hire freelancers who have complete knowledge of these Operating systems.


In this blog, you find information regarding what is Linux Mint and what is Ubuntu? You aso get the difference between Linux mint and Ubuntu. Both operating systems have excellent features, but you can choose one according to your requirement.

Kitty Gupta