What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the way of making the intelligent machine. This machine programming is in such way that it thinks like a human and works in the same way as the human does. The originator of this term is John McCarthy, and its main goal includes learning, reasoning, and perception. The machine is wired using a cross- disciplinary approach based in mathematics, computer science, and psychology. Artificial intelligence describes the way of making a computer, software thinks intelligently, and computer controlled robot which thinks in the same way as humans think. Artificial intelligence is a computer program which solves the difficult problems in the same way as the problem solved by the humans. These types of programmed are designed to process a huge amount of data look for trends and patterns and provide insights based on those patterns. These programs are designed to perform specific tasks. Artificial intelligence can perform such a task faster and with greater accuracy than a human could.

The artificial intelligence has usage in gaming system where it plays an important role in various strategic games. It plays a vital role in natural language processing which is used to interact with the computers. Artificial intelligence has an application which combines machine, software, and special information to convey reasoning and advising. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge of programming in artificial intelligence.

What is Robotics?

Robotics is one of the branches of artificial intelligence. It involves the conception, design, manufacturing, and operation of robots. This field is related to electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, mechatronics, and nanotechnology. The term Robot was developed by Czech playwright Karl Capek in Prague in 1921.The most advanced versions of robot perform the operations adaptively that changes the dimensions and other settings according to requirements.

Robots are widely used in the factory to perform a job like welding and riveting. It also plays an important role in a special situation where human life is at high risk such as defusing the bomb and cleaning toxic wastes but still robot is not very useful in daily life because they are too inept to perform ordinary household chores.

Whenever you think about the Robot first word automation comes in your mind. The robot performs all the task automatically without any human intervention except you have to do initial programming and instruction set provided to them. The basic example of the robot is a machine which performs a specific task repeatedly with the same accuracy. It was created by some programming and gives input as required material and started. You can find freelance services to work on Robotics.

Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Both robotics and artificial intelligence are the different fields and not the subset of each other. But both in combination are the significant area of research and growing area of study. There are two ways that Artificial intelligence along with the Robots is good for completing the repetitive task using the process of Machine learning.

In first type robot installed with artificial intelligence to follow pre-programmed steps that are it thinks on its own. Such type of robot performs self – docks and does charging when the battery is low, clean up the dust and dirt. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge of both technologies.

The second way to connect robot and artificial intelligence is by learning the desired response using physical repetition. In such type industrial robot are included which performs a task like packaging and assembling the items. When both technologies work in combine designers are creating machines with animal like humanoid characteristics.

Artificial intelligence is the program that solves the problem in the same way as the human solves them daily. Robots are the physical machines that are specifically designed to carry out their specific tasks controlled through external control.

Mostly many robots are not artificially intelligent, and mainly they include industrial robots are that could only be programmed to perform a repetitive task. They are quite limited in their functionality. If you want to allow the robot to perform the more complex tasks, then artificial intelligence algorithm plays an important role.

Robots are the term which is an autonomous and semi-autonomous machine which means it can act separately on external commands whereas artificial intelligence is the software that learns and self-improves. Robots use the concept of artificial intelligence to improve the autonomous functions by learning.

Robotics is automated process whereas artificial intelligence is already a part of embedded systems into organisations. You can find freelance services to work on both these technologies.


In this article, you get the information regarding what is artificial intelligence? And what is robotics? Both are a different field but in combination perform a lot of important tasks. In this article, you also get the proper difference between artificial intelligence and robotics