The messaging application WhatsApp has given business verified account on its platform. On the official website, the FAQ page of the company denotes that some business accounts displayed with green tick badge in front of contact indicate a verified number as a business account. Now WhatsApp is not only messaging app but also exploring ways for you to communicate with the business that matters to you. The business conversion will also be differentiating from others because the business message will come in yellow. Currently, the WhatsApp business verification account is limited to very few businesses participating in the pilot program. With Y Combinator start-ups this year began WhatsApp testing of business chat, but publically no service has been made available. You can also find freelancers who help you to grow your business using WhatsApp.

The CEO Jan Koum in January 2016 said business to customer play was in testing and focusing on the large corporate customers at that stage. In August 2016 WhatsApp said that business account allows the user to send marketing messages, provide the high level of privacy policies and also pushing users to link their Facebook identities with WhatsApp account.  For ad- targeting purpose the privacy policy included the sharing of information. WhatsApp will be able to target related businesses from Facebook link data such as post likes and shared post.

Now the WhatsApp has a 1.3 billion of monthly active users and useful to connect businesses and customers and it is going to compete with Apple, iMessage, Skype, and Twitter which provide the service like business chat. Messaging is the significant part to connect with customers and to create long term engagement with users. You can hire freelancer online who help you to grow your business.

If WhatsApp business account users have already saved their address book, then see what name they have saved in the address book. If the business phone numbers are not there in users address book, then the name will appear as a business name chosen for its self-inside the app. WhatsApp business account offers the user a business search function using that they can manually browse and search related business account at the point of need. If you want to stop contacting any business then using this app you will be able to block that business. Using the WhatsApp business account user can connect with a different business like banks, airlines, etc. to resolve the query and get feedback. Both the iOS and Android version of the application with the excellent features will be soon coming on the market.

The app provides the high level of security to your messages and account. The app is not only used for a text message but also used for video call and voice call. According to researchers, user shares 1 billion of videos and 55 billion of messages per day.

Now app is presenting colorful text based status feature just like that of Facebook, but this features are available to limited users and gradually flow to the rest of users globally. WhatsApp updates include new status features using which you can add images and videos. This feature aims to engage 250 million users, and the company gives iPhone and Android user the opportunity to share the status updates according to your preferences you can change font and background color. The updated status also disappeared after 24 hr. On privacy font, users have the choice to select the people who will receive the update. In privacy setting tab the user can select from three options my contacts, contacts except, and ‘only share with.’ On tapping the eye icon at the bottom of any status update user will see the list of contacts. Who has seen their status? You can also give reply status if you like anyone status. You can hire freelancer online who help you to generate lead regarding your business.

The application will also update with the Payment features that are useful to users to receive through affiliated banks from their WhatsApp. The company collaborates with National Payment Corporation of India which allows in app UPI payment. The report published by Times of India said that NPCI is the first company that collaborates with a mobile app to connect into multi bank partnership for digital payments. WhatsApp got permission from multi bank partnership it means that the company did not want transaction from the single bank when payment loads are high. The updated version of WhatsApp tagged as version 2.17.285 apart from adding the additional features it also connected with the new business. You can also find freelancers who help you in your business.


In this article, you get information regarding WhatsApp new verified business account features. Using business account user can connect to different businesses which will help you to grow your business network. The application will also update with Payment features that will be useful to users to receive through affiliated banks from their WhatsApp.

Kitty Gupta