Many people have a dream to become a successful entrepreneur. When you first time starts your business, you make more than few mistakes. In this article, you get information regarding some of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs and how to avoiding that mistakes. Hire freelancers online who have at least basic knowledge regarding your business.

Spending too much money or spending, not enough Money

When you start your new entrepreneurship, money is your one of the biggest worry. If your initial cash flow is nil, you need to give priority for making and saving money. There two types of entrepreneurs one is that ‘You have to spend money to make money’ or other is that ‘spend minimum money until you get a decent cash flow.’ Both of the attitudes are dangerous to your Startup. Spend the cash for your Startup intelligently but don’t fear to invest money in quality of products or to invest money in good people.

Dumb Idea:

Many people are overconfident regarding their ideas but when they work with the third party that time their idea fails. Profit is the best proof of testing your great idea. It is the excellent way to test your idea and don’t confuse between revenues and profits because sometimes you receive the huge revenue but still make a loss.

Thinking like they don’t have competitors

Many people when starting their entrepreneurship with a new product that time they think that they don’t have the direct competitors. But in reality, it is the very rare possibility to have no direct competitors. Unless you created the completely new product, there would already have market share in your niche. So differentiate your business with others. One should always find freelance jobs online from trusted sources.

Hiring relative or friend:

You hire your friend because they are loyal right now but sometimes it becomes wrong. If they don’t work, then you don’t fire them. Things become difficult and create tension in your relationship. Instead of hiring friends hire the talented people in your organisation.

Lack of goal setting:

Entrepreneurs start their business by their big idea but don’t do the proper planning. But if you want to success first set the realistic goals and try on the way to achieve it. Create your short and long time goal, but that goal must be realistic and take a step to reach it.

Lack of market knowledge:

When new entrepreneurs start their business and create new products, they think that their products are innovative and they depend on free PR and mouth publicity. But the fact is that startup will need to invest heavily in marketing. Create online presence regarding your business by creating a Facebook page or website and start marketing which includes SEO, Content Marketing, PR and paid advertising. You also look out the competitors where they are spending their money on marketing and ask yourself how to differentiate and compete them. Hire freelancers who have great knowledge regarding your digital marketing.

Ego on the workplace:

If you are taking ego in the work place, then you will damage your business. Instead of that, you all work together for the better good. As a director, you are not an aspect of the company. The vision of the company with company culture is the most important fact than founding partners.

Thinking as all do you

When people start their business, they think that no one does their job as they do. As a founder, it is a fact that no one has a passion for making your business succeed as like you. But hire an employee to reduce your daily overloaded task. Hire a knowledgeable, experienced consultant, and mentors who compliment your weakness.

The small margin of product:

The setting high-profit margin is also difficult to grow your product and to set the too low-profit margin is also become difficult because in future you raise the price your customer likely won’t be thrilled. Before setting the margin, first of all, analyse your product their operating cost and determine how much flexibility there is and choose the higher profit margin to accommodate these costs.

Listen everyone in the organisation:

As you start your business, it is attractive to listen everyone. Everyone has an opinion, but it is not a necessity that everyone has a unique and realistic opinion.  But some employee gives you a creative opinion to expand your idea which is very helpful to grow your business.

Lack of communication with the client:

Follow up client unless you meet a potential customer. As you give proposal or do deliveries of product follow up and also get feedback regarding your product, so you know about the improvement. If you are working on their project, then talk with them and give status regarding their project so that they feel that you have alertness regarding their project. You can find freelance jobs online from a trusted source.


In this article, you get the information regarding what are the common mistakes the first time entrepreneurs make and what action you have to perform to avoid that mistake. If you want to make your business successful, then follow eleven tips mentioned above.

Kitty Gupta