Like other technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual reality, blockchain became an exhortation in Silicon Valley. The concept of blockchain is developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and implemented as a core component of digital currency Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Nowadays it is used in other fields such as Internet of things, supply chains, finance, and entertainment. The company like Microsoft and IBM have started working in blockchain and made a plan to use its features and innovation into their businesses. Many businesses and even public sector bodies understand the importance of blockchain based systems and demand for expertise to create pilot projects and launch the product which makes use of blockchain concept. The knowledge of blockchain development can help to increase your business and your career as a technology expert. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge and experience in Blockchain development.

What is Blockchain?

The traditional data repositories store their data at centralised server and server clusters, but blockchain technology is a distributed data store. Blockchain technology creates the copy of ledger and stores it on thousands and millions of computers called as nodes and with every new record before registered the nodes are validated. Once its validation is complete, the records are stored in the ledger and spread across the network of participating nodes. Using the concept of blockchain people can write their entries into the record of information, and the user or community can control how the record of information is to be updated. The blockchain technology makes the concept of cybersecurity and cryptography reliable and provides the excellent platform for exchanging of sensitive information. As the concept of blockchain does not realise the centralised point of access, it has no single point of failure and is virtually hack proof. The blockchain technology allows the user to secure the transfer of monetary value in trust less environment without the dependence of third party brokers such as banks and payment platform. Many platforms using the blockchain as the cybersecurity tool to attack a data stores and servers.  The concept of smart contracts, programs are automatically run on blockchain after completion of a transaction.

Which Industries have the demand for blockchain developer?

  • The industries like IBM and Microsoft are developing the products which support blockchain development with ‘blockchain as service’ tools built into their existing cloud portfolios. You can find freelance jobs online in this sector.
  • The manufacture and distribution industry used the concept of blockchain for greater transparency into the supply chain, and make it easier to audit and verify the origin of goods and to find out the cost of a product.
  • The government institution handles the sensitive information of military and healthcare organisation and makes use of the blockchain to maintain the integrity of their information and infrastructure.
  • In the music industry, the concept of blockchains is creating direct relationships between the artists and fans and putting the power back into the hands of those who create the art.
  • The blockchain technology also supports the virtual economies by giving players control to their assets inside and outside games.

Skills required for blockchain developer:-

The blockchain is such technology which depends on other software such as web development and mobile application. As technology became popular, the demand for such software increased. As blockchain is the open source project, the source code is available for adoption and reuse. To get involved in the projects different diverge will require experience with GitHub where developers share and discuss their code. Most of the projects are in C++, so the excellent knowledge of C++ is important. You can hire freelancers who have excellent skills regarding blockchain technology.

  • According to technology specialist Zeth Couceiro the blockchain developer must have strong programming skills or someone who has knowledge of Java and C++ or comfortable with multiple languages and large dataset.
  • If you are a web developer, the Marmelab blog will help you to understand the dynamic technology. This blog explains the concept through different example in solidity such as language that looks like JavaScript.
  • If you want to become a blockchain developer, then you must have a strong technical background and should be curious enough to understand this technology and also should know the principle of Bitcoin.
  • If you are a C# developer and if you want to become a blockchain developer then read the book Blockchain Programming in C# completely. It is freeware book that will help you to start your career in programming. You can find freelance jobs online in C# sector.
  • The IBM Blockchain 101 is the excellent resource for learning the blockchain development. This resource work on IBM Bluemix and coding available in Java and Go, but you get a base knowledge to other platforms.


In this article, you get information regarding what is blockchain? Which industries have the great requirement of blockchain developer? And what are the different skills required to become a blockchain developer?


Kitty Gupta