Many people in the world have ideas regarding new products or services, but they can’t turn an idea into reality without the help of others, and they also have a fear regarding idea stealing. If they are going to the expert for the evolution of their idea, then they may steal their idea. If they need to collaborate with the manufacturer, then the patent cost is thousands of dollars and requires years to issue. There are a lot of ways to protect your ideas without pitching your concept to venture Capitalist. Find freelancers from different job offering websites.

Avoid Explaining Too Much:

One of the important ways to protect your idea is that to give only necessary information. If you are sharing your idea with the potential client, then share the important details that convey the idea. It is not necessary to reveal the every information regarding your product such as working on your product. When you are revealing your product in front of manufacturer or investors, they try to know everything regarding your product before taking the financial risk so be careful while explaining about the product details.

Research before selecting the Appropriate Partner:

Before working with an individual or organisation perform some online research. Find out whether that they have a good track of the record. Find out is there any complaint about the business practices? Try to find out their actual working by organising meeting because it’s not necessary that all information displayed online is true. Hire freelancers online who have a great idea regarding the product.

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

Non-disclosure agreement is the excellent way to protect your idea before explaining to a particular company or another manufacturer. Non-disclosure agreement is an agreement between the two parties not to share information with the third party.  It is the important thing you should keep in the mind that many investors are only signing the agreement before you speak with them. In that case, the balance of power is on their side. Instead of the only signature, you can simply print a confidential statement regarding your business plan.

Apply For Provisional Patent:

The actual patent takes a lot of time and money but using the provisional patent; you don’t have to be worried about someone stealing your idea. But its validity is for one year, and after year the provisional patent expires, and you don’t have an option to extend it.

Trademark your Name:

Trademark is the way to protect your idea. If you have face any legal issues using the trademark, it will provide the protection. For registering the trademark, the documentation required is the written proof that your business idea is in work at that particular time. Mention the exact date of your idea when it was in work or else someone will try to heat the discussion regarding the fact. You can find freelancers from trusted sources.

Follow your Character:

Through research, you can conduct your natural character. If you are in a situation of danger and someone is interested in hearing your idea, first of all, know about the persons motive is to invest? Is that person having capital and good idea to move your product? Such type of incidence can happen with you. If you want to interact with someone, then interact with the person who has years of experience in the business and has a great company because that person does not steal the idea of anyone else. If you are speaking with someone who is new in business, then don’t explore your idea unless and until you do not know about their motive.

Make a Document:

Create a document by writing your ideas. Using proper documentation, you can proof your concept if it goes to the court. Create a log of each discussion if your details of product and services are already known. Keep this log with you always, and this can use when someone tries to steal your idea.  Many people are in fear that someone will steal their idea and because of this fear, they are inhabiting their ability to sell that idea. If investors who refuse to work with you that means they gave someone else a chance who offers the same services as you are still offering. Suppose you stop that interaction then you missed the great opportunity. If you reveal your idea in front of the new person, they will also give their thought which will help you to develop your idea. If you are not discussing your business, then you miss that chance. Hire Freelancers who have a unique idea regarding your product and services.


In this article, you get information regarding what step you should take to protect your idea before pitching your concept to others. The above mentioned steps help you to save your idea, and you don’t have to be worried about getting stealing it.

Kitty Gupta