Ubuntu is an open source Debian based complete Linux operating system. The Ubuntu was first released in 2004 and sponsored by Canonical Ltd. It is the best operating system for the community and professional use. The word Ubuntu is originally comed from Africa Zulu Language whose meaning is humanity to others. The Ubuntu Mainfesto is freely available, and this software is also available for the user in their local language without any difficulty. People also have the choice to customise and alter their software in whatever way they want. The Ubuntu is freely available, and also you do not have to pay an extra fee for enterprise edition. This operating system includes the very best translation and accessibility infrastructure because of which many people use this operating system. Ubuntu releases its version in regular release of the cycle. The new release will be after six months and suppose you are using the existing version then it will support up to 18 months and after that, you will have to update it to the latest version. Ubuntu is the operating system best for both desktop and server use. It has more than 1000 piece of software starting with Linux Kernel version 4.4 and GNOME 3.18. The GNOME is easy to use Linux for non-programmers. The OS also supports the desktop applications such as word processing, internet access application, and spreadsheet application. The OS is also best for web server software, programming languages and tools, email software and different games. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge and experience in developing an application in Ubuntu.

There are many programming languages available, but the latest version of Ubuntu OS developer is a desktop application. The following are the best programming language for Ubuntu using this language you can create a reliable flexible, efficient and secure application.


Java is the object oriented programming language, and it offers the excellent features for creating the network application. Originally this programming language is useful for running the applet in browsers, but it has the extensive ability to run the desktop application right from the start. Java is the cross platform programming language which means once you write the programming language you can execute it on any platform. Java is excellent because this language allows creating the relevant applications and it can work on any operating system from Windows, Mac OS X to Linux.


Python is a general purpose high-level dynamic programming language, and it is becoming famous in the market. Nowadays many developers are using the python as a programming language because it is easy to read syntax and allows the developer to express the concept in very few lines of code as compared to other programming languages. It is the excellent language for beginners. It is one of the famous programming languages on Ubuntu, and many applications are developed using it. This language provides excellent frameworks for Ubuntu such as Qt and GTK.


The C language is the basic language whereas C++ is just the enhancement of C language and adds object oriented features to C language. The Ubuntu is the powered by the C language. For creating the GUI application use the GTK+ cross platform and employ using the C language. AS C++ is the enhancement of C language, so it is the best choice for developing the software. It is the high-performance language but is not easy to understand this programming language for beginners because of its memory allocation and deallocation and pointers concept. This language is mainly for creating the Windows software. In Ubuntu operating system you have to use Qt, a cross platform application-development framework based on C++ programming language. It is the great open source platform using which you can create the desktop application in a combination of both C and C++. It is the easier platform for C++ application development.


JavaScript is simple to understand, and when used with HTML and CSS you can create the excellent desktop application on Ubuntu. In Ubuntu, electron framework is good for creating the cross platform application using the web technology which developers use actively on the GitHub and community of contributor. It is the excellent option for beginner to create the website on Ubuntu and other operating systems.


PHP is the easier scripting language for web development. You can embed the script created in PHP into HTML. You can also easily create the PHP website in an Ubuntu system with Apache2 and MySQL. This language is the best for creating the desktop application for Ubuntu. You can easily find freelance jobs online in PHP sector.


This article is about the best programming languages for Ubuntu. The above mention languages are best for creating the desktop application and website in Ubuntu. In this article, you also get the information regarding the different cross platform, and this platform provides you the feature of code reusability.

Kitty Gupta