What is TestCafe?

TestCafe is the absolute node.js solution for testing web apps, and it is the online portal which helps users’ for performing master test process. It performs all testing process such as starting browsers, running tests, gathering test results and creating the test report. TestCafe provides some question to a user, analyses their performance, and according to performance, it provides suggestion to each user. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge and experience in testing.

Many testing tools depend on selenium or WebDriver, but TestCafe does not depend on such a tools. Instead of this tool they directly add the script into the browser and directly communicate with DOM and handle events.  Without any plugins, it works on any browser which supports HTML5. It also supports major operating systems and runs simultaneously on multiple browsers and machines.

What is NightWatch?

NightWatch.js is also a pure node.js solution for testing web apps and websites. It uses the W3C WebDriver API for performing commands and assertions on DOM elements. It is the complete testing solution which can set up a Continuous Integration and write the automated tests. NightWatch has the flexibility to automate the necessary scenarios similar to using WebDriver.

NightWatch works on restful HTTP API with WebDriver server, where the protocol definition is by W3C WebDriver API. Then NightWatch sends two requests to WebDriver for interacting with required page object of application. Out of these two requests, one request is sent to locate the element using the XPath or CSS selector and the second path is useful for actual command assertion on the given element.

TestCafe vs. NightWatch:

TestCafe is easy to handle because its interface is very simple. It creates a new way to communicate with the websites and provide the excellent flexibility. It does not require plugins, no browser version dependencies, no test record and does not require script language while performing testing.

Using this tool, you automatically start browsers, run tests and gather result by typing the single test command and once the test is finished the TestCafe collect that result from different browsers and output them into a single comprehensive report.

TestCafe is the powerful functional testing tool performing testing of a website. You have to simply press the REC button in your Control panel of TestCafe, the website will load in your browser, and without using the extra tool you are moved to your website, and recording started.

TestCafe is developed in JavaScript so that you can easily modify the same outside the environment. The great thing about the use of JavaScript is that it does not use the custom-made object wrappers. As a programmer, you have to know everything such as DOM, your programming language, and API. But with the JavaScript, you don’t have to depend on a third-party framework, and you don’t have a fear of your API changes which break your test.

Many testing tools do not run on a different operating system such as mobile devices and their browser, but such a problem does not occur with TestCafe. Using TestCafe all you need to do is point your remote browsers to special TestCafe URL.

TestCafe provides the virtual Cursor using that you can trigger hover click and drag events on elements and you can also monitor the movement of the cursor and perform the test.

Nightwatch is the simple tool, but it has powerful syntax that allows users to write quick tests using JavaScript and CSS or XPath selectors.

NightWatch has built-in command-line test runner useful to run the test sequentially, or in parallel, together with the group, tags or a built-in single Grunt support. It can control Selenium standalone server automatically in a separate child process, and if Selenium runs on another host, it can be disabled.

NightWatch extensively supports cloud services and works with cloud testing providers such as SauceLabs and BrowserStack.  You can use CSS or XPath selector to verify elements on a page or to execute commands.

You can easily extend and implement command and assertion of your applications because this tool has excellent assertion framework.

In NightWatch if you need to call a function from the Web drivers API you have to work with the Mouse Cursor. But it is the most complicated way to emulate something more than a just left mouse click. You can easily find Freelance Jobs online in this sector.


In this article, you find information regarding what is the TestCafe and what is the NightWatch. You also find their differences. Both are excellent testing tools which generate complete testing report after completion of an entire process. TestCafe provides the open source to functional testing, so it is the excellent option than NightWatch.

Kitty Gupta