The world of technology is expanding every month and year, as they are impending with new technology such as smartphones and tablets. Day by day the completion between them is increasing in the market. Because of this reason, the demand for programmers is increasing every day. There are a lot of programming languages available, and each has its unique features. The programming language chosen by a developer is one of the most important steps towards application development. The choice of language depends on what operating system you are working. If you have to become a successful windows application developer, then it is necessary for you to have knowledge of following described languages and mastery on at least one or more languages. Hire freelancers online with minimum knowledge of programming.


The developer who wants to develop a Windows application must have knowledge of JavaScript. It is the outstanding and most familiar language for application development and web browsing. This programming language can work with various platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. It is the simple to understand for the beginners. JavaScript allows a developer to make interactive Windows application and this language use a WordStream to use a JavaScript library known as JQuery to make your JavaScript work easier. There are a lot of frameworks available in the JavaScript, and they are used to create a superb interface. This language also plays an important role in creating the animation on the application.


Java is one of the programming languages for mobile app development. This language is mostly useful for server-side application to video games and mobile apps. The Java language is not only used for a particular platform but also used for the various operating systems. This language is known for Android development, but you can also develop a Windows application. This language has a feature like a write once and runs anywhere because of this feature you can run your application across multiple software platforms. The concept of the language depends on the objects. It is the excellent language for intermediate developers because the level of difficulty of this language is more than JavaScript. You can find freelance jobs online from various marketplace websites.


C# is the specially developed language for Windows application. The C# is the multi-paradigm and object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft as a part of a .NET initiative. The syntax of C# language is similar to Java, so if you are Java developer, then you can easily create an application in C# programming language. Because of this language developer can create an excellent and interactive app in Windows. The C# has combine features of both C and C++ language.


PHP is the popular programming language for those applications that need to access to a database. It is the server-side programming language for mobile as well as websites. It is the open source programming language and supports object-oriented development. It is one of programming languages whose functions and codes are simpler to other languages, and it is simple to understand because of its straightforward syntax.  It is the language mostly used with heavy data websites and app development. This language simply embeds the code in HTML. It is the actual base of many content management systems such as WordPress. It is a widely used and valuable programming language for programmers. One should trust freelance jobs online to find the right resources.


Ruby is the object-oriented and dynamic programming language for mobile and web apps. It is the great programming language because it is easy to understand and simple to write a programming language.  It is the user-friendly language for beginners and excellent framework used on Shopify, Groupon, and GitHub.


SQL is a Structured Query Language which most useful for large data. SQL helps you to choose important data from a massive database. Every application requires the database to store data and SQL is the language which provides you database. It means that it is the special language for managing your data in relational database management system. If you want to access data from a database, then you have to fire a query, and that query finds information in a database. When you are executing on a database such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, and MySQL, then it is necessary for you to have knowledge of SQL programming language. Hire freelancers online with conceptual understanding of SQL database.


This article provides you the information regarding best programming languages for Windows application. As a software developer, it is not necessary that you should have complete knowledge of all languages, but you have to be familiar with them and should also have knowledge of unique feature of each language.