XML stands for Xtensible Markup Language used for presentation, communication, and storage data. XML standard is the great way to create information formats and electronically share structured data through the public Internet. The XML language is similar to Hypertext Markup Language. You can see thee XML language details on the World Wide Web Consortium. XML and HTML consist of markup symbols used for describing the page or file contents. The XML Play an important role to make your HTML document dynamic.

Using the XML language, you can take data from a program like Microsoft SQL, and transferred into XML and share that XML with other Platform. XML can help you to communicate between two platforms. The language becomes powerful because of its international acceptance.  The XML interface is useful for databases, programming, and office application mobile phone.

The XML document represents a structure which involves tag and entities and elements that are a subset of these entities. Each element describes one or more attributes and attributes define the method to process this element. Any file creates in XML can be read, processed, and written in any operating system so that you can easily transfer and exchange XML files between different platform.

The XML files can explore the data structures used in computer science such as tree, lists, and records. For storing and processing data XML file used offline and an online mode that does not make it complicated to parse it either directly from web or computer. The XML format very well describes structure as well as field names along with specific values. The parsing algorithm of XML makes strict syntax and parsing requirement very simple and consistent.

The best languages for XML Processing


C++ is the object-oriented programming language based on the C. It supports all the OOPs concept such as exception handling, multiple inheritances, and data abstraction. Because of its excellent features C++ process XML file quickly. The C++ process XML file that file consumes less memory as compared to the other programming language. The CPU consumption time using the C++ and other language is same. But C++ is the complicated language to understand, and beginner finds difficulty to learn in short time. It is easy to find freelance jobs online in this technology.


To process XML file, Perl has widely used a programming language and also useful for those whose background is not computer science. Perl is easy to understand and effective script programming language for processing text and web application. This language has excellent features so that many developers used it a lot. This language is easily understood by developer even if they don’t have background knowledge. The Perl programming language used minimum lines of code for processing an XML file as compared to other programming languages such as Java and C++ and this language does not consume much CPU time. The only one disadvantage using Perl language in XML processing is that it consumes a big amount of RAM after C# and Java on Linux. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge and experience in Perl programming language.


Python is an easy-to-understand scripting language broadly used in the biology for analysing any biological data. If you want to write a script for a specific task this language need fewer lines of code as compared to another language. This language has BioPython library for performing different bioinformatics tasks. It is the third best language for processing the XML file in Windows and Linux. This language also used a fewer line of code for XML processing same as Perl and CPU time consumption same as another language. To find freelance jobs online, it becomes easy in this sector.


Java is the object-oriented and high-level programming language. The most important feature of this language is that it runs on multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, and Macintosh without performing any manipulation. Java is difficult to understand and take more time to learn, but once you learn this language, you can use this knowledge in a different aspect. According to many researchers, Java was not a good choice for XML processing regarding memory usage because it uses a huge amount of memory when used in Linux. The CPU time consumption of Java language for XML processing is the best than another language regarding Windows but in Linux, the CPU time consumption is more. It will take 12.5 seconds to process XML file than another language. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge and experience in Java programming language.


In this article, you get information regarding best programming languages for XML processing. There was not a big difference between the languages when compared to CPU time consumption. But each language has unique features you choose one of them according to your requirement.