Lean Startup is the concept which describes the learnable method for a new organisation and new product for getting the success. Through lean Startup, product developer finds where is the interest of the customer regarding product and also comes to know about how the product needs to be superior through the process which is called validating learn. This process saves your time and money for creating the product because before developing the product you get the proper idea regarding the product. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge and experience regarding lean Startup Concept.

The traditional method of Startup industries was writing the business plan, pitch to investors, recruiting the team, creating the product and finally the selling of the product and all this process was hard and in this process, you used to suffer a fatal of setback. Through lean Startup methodology process of starting industry became easy. Because it starts experimenting over-elaborate planning, feedback from a customer over intuition and design. Over traditional, through this process, you can easily find the root in the Startup industry.

Create- Measure-Learn:

If you have an innovative idea, then you start your innovation regarding the idea from today. By creating the small product or features, you can test the proper working of the product.

The concept of create, measure and learn is not only applicable to small products but also applicable to all types of products. Through this process you can test client idea; management reviews process, and also find the new features to an already created product. Using this process, you can test and validate the hypothesis, and can also collect the important data or from metric to measure regarding the product. This process gives the complete guidance regarding development cycle of a product from generating the idea to the final testing. You can find freelance jobs online in this sector.

Work Smarter:

Through lean Startup methodology, every Startup has found the answer to one question. This question is that should this product be built?  And should I develop sustainable business by developing this product? Through this inquiry, you get theoretical information and purpose of the product. If this information is enough, then you can start your product building. If a product is ready starts its distribution widely. It will solve the real problem and offer detailed specification to customers.

Minimal Viable Product:

For defining the specification regarding the product, the traditional method required a lot of work, time and money. But through the lean Startup method, you can create only the required product which moves through the cycle of creating- measure and learn.

The MVP is the process of product development that allows product move in loop create-measure and learns with minimum effort and less amount of development time. For creating the product through MVP process, you do not have to write a single line of code. Through this process, you can easily test a hypothesis of product to real customers and easily get validation to move through another cycle of learning. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge and experience regarding Lean Startup Concept.

Validated Learning:

Through the proper learning process, testing the hypothesis is the most important requirement of the lean Startup. Using the validated learning, it becomes easy to concentrate on vanity metrics which helps you to make progress. The number of accounts and numbers of likes on Facebook is the vanity metric. The true value and stickiness of the platform is that number of people spending time on it.

Think about Customer:

If you develop a product, first of all, think about a customer and develop such a product so that many customers get attracted. The product should solve the customer’s problem, and your product must position for a new appreciative segment. Also, take feedback from customers so that you will come to know what changes you have to perform in your product and due to this your product is completely repositioning. Many Startup organisations follow the old model for their organisation goal. For increasing the growth, the organisation should follow the new models. As the internet has created a large number of free channels, you can use them for advertising your product. This technology not only reduces the cost but also increase your product performance.

Innovation Accounting:

For setting some benchmark data points, you can run MVP test. Through this, you can find the interested customers in your product and services. From this point, you can analyse the create-measure-learn cycle, and if the number is not good, and then you come to know what changes you should perform. Make a single change for improvement. Instead of focusing on many changes make one important change through which you can increase the number of conversion on your account. You can find freelance jobs online in this sector.


In this article, you understand Lean Startup and different methods of the same. You also get information regarding advantages of lean Startup. In today’s innovative world changes happen every day, and these changes have a great impact on small businesses, but through lean Startup methodology, you can handle everything very easily.

Kitty Gupta