Data visualization is the concept which is useful for displaying data and information in the form of graphical charts, figures, and bars. It is most advantageous when you want to deliver visual reporting to users for the performance, operations or general statistics of an application. Now many data visualization tools go beyond the charts and Microsoft Excel display data in a more stylish way such as fever charts, spark lines, heat maps, infographics, and graphics map. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge and experience in data visualization.

The different data visualization software plays an important role in big data and advanced analytics projects.  The business intelligence software has the excellent data visualization functionality, and they are very easier than traditional statistical analysis software. In traditional software analysing any value from big data becomes difficult. Through business intelligence software maintaining data through graphs and the different chart is simple, so the analysing of data is easy.

As human brains process information in the form of charts, graphs hence data visualization concept is the easy way to express the information universally. This making of slight adjustment allows you to experiment with a different scenario. The data visualization concept helps you which products to place where and you can also identify the need of attention or improvement. Through this concept, you can predict sales volume and factors that affect customer behaviour.

The many business organizations used data visualization software for tracking their performance. Through this tools the organization checks the performance of email campaign, tracking metrics like open rate. Now data visualization tools come with more functionality. These tools not only manage big data but also help data engineers to keep track of data sources and do a basic exploratory analysis of data sets or perform a more detailed advanced analysis.

Best Programming Languages for Data Visualization:


Python language plays a significant role in data visualization because of its interesting library structure. It has a lot of inbuilt libraries, but the two exclusive libraries for data visualizations are Matplotlib and Seaborn.  Matplotlib is the first data visualization library. This library has complete 2D support and unlimited 3D graphics support. You can create excellent quality figure through this library in an interactive environment across platforms. You can also perform animation through this library. If you want to create the informative and attractive statistical graphics in Python then through Seaborn library you can perform this function. It offers different features such as colour palettes, functions and tools for visualizing the linear regression, metric of data, and statistical time series. You can also perform complex data visualization through this library. You can easily find freelance jobs online in Python programming language.

Language R:

R is another programming language for data visualization. R language supports 4 graphics systems viz. base graphics, lattice graphics, grid graphics and ggplot2. Through these all graphics system you can easily visualize the large data into graphs. From four graphics systems, base graphics is the simple to understand and provides a various useful tools for creating the explanatory tools. Using the R programming language, you can effectively plot colours and save a lot of time in complex plots. The R language has excellent capability of creating 3D graphs without writing the single line of code.


The data visualization through Java language become simple because of the different inbuilt library available in Java such as Java 2D, Java 3D, and Java advanced imaging.  Because of an inbuilt library, you can develop an application for data visualization in a very less amount of time. You can add interactive charting to your web-based application. You can also design thousands of possible chart and style combination easily, and powerful chart definition language allows for unlimited customization. For interactive and collaborative visualization analysis of numerical data VisAD, a Java component Library plays an important role. Through this library, you can easily create graphical structure without the knowledge of Java 3D.

Language C#:

C# is the object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft with .NET framework. This language has 2d, and 3d API which allows to represents a large amount of data in a graphical structure.  Through this API you can represent memory buffer sharing and optimise for fast general 3D visualization. You can manage some options using this API such as 3D scatterplot maps, charts, and histograms. You can also optimise for application development, interactivity, and flexibility. You can find freelance jobs online in this sector.


In this article, you get information on best programming languages for data visualization. Data visualization is the concept which is useful for displaying data and information in the form of graphical charts, figures, and bars. The above mention languages help you easily for creating the graphical charts, figures, and bars.

Kitty Gupta