Video streaming is the process which works on the concept of data streaming principles. This process compresses the data of video files on the Internet and sent it to the device in a small piece. Through this concept, a user does not have to wait for downloading a file and then to play it.  For hosting the pre-recorded and pre-stored media file, the video streaming needs a compatible video player which connects to a remote server. If you send a video or any media files to the dedicated user through the Internet, then the server uses the specific algorithms for performing the compression. You can hire freelancers who know video streaming.

The streaming size depends on different factors such as bandwidth, speed network latency, and actual file size. Sending the media in a continuous data stream and then playing as it arrives. Instead of such all long process user need a special program that does not compress the data and sends video data to the display and audio data to speakers directly. Nowadays many entertainment sources such as TV shows, movies are demanding the concept of video streaming. Video streaming is the alternative service provider to satellite and cable at the cheapest cost. The streaming services need some cost on view or subscription. The internet video is a cloud-based and the price of service and availability of content and cost of different service changes from region to region

The video streaming process passes the information that is data stream files from a server. The decoder is the plugin or a player who is working as one of the parts of a web browser. The stream information of server and decoder work together so that people watch the video live and pre-recorded broadcasts. Video calling is one of the applications of video streaming. The video calling requires the processing power and sufficient bandwidth for handling the video without any buffering. If you have a slow internet connection, you could spend more time on buffering on a status bar while watching a video or listening audio.

Best Programming languages for Video Streaming


C++ is the object-oriented programming language and reimplementation of C language. It is the language which plays an important role in video streaming concept. If you want to use the concept of video streaming in C++, then you should know Next Gen media server. It is the small footprint shared library which creates video media and telephony applications. This library uses the many streaming protocols such as Apple’s HTTP Live, RTMP, and RTSP that capture the stream of live video and adapt them so that another type of device can receive them. You can easily integrate the video streaming in a C++ application using this library.


PHP is yet another famous scripting language to create dynamic pages and sending information to a user. Through PHP, connect with database, server, and external websites based on IP address or available information. PHP language provides you readymade PHP scripts instead of trying to perform custom development. This readymade script helps you for building the live video streaming site easily with a lot of functionality. If your website is in PHP, then there are some free plugins available using this plugin you can add video to your website without writing the single line of code.

You can also try some video sharing free website templates that will help you for streaming the video easily.


The Java programming language not only creates the web-based application but also create the desktop based application. It is the class-based object-oriented programming language so it contains many inbuilt classes that will help you to create the video streaming applications easily. This language provides the concept of write once and runs anywhere it means that once you built code on one platform, then you can run that code on any other platform. This language also provides the feature of code reusability so you can use the already inbuilt code and saves your precious time.


JavaScript is well-known scripting language on the World Wide Web. It is the language embedded in HTML and CSS. It is the language which also contains the inbuilt classes and methods that will help you easily create the video streaming on the website. It is the language which contains some functions and imperative capability for creating the video streaming website. You can find freelance jobs online in JavaScript language.


In this article, you get information regarding the best programming language for video streaming. Video streaming process compresses the data of video files on the Internet and sent it to the device in a small piece. The above mention language has some capability through which you can easily create the video streaming website and application.