The quantitative financial requires some programming languages for special assistance, so to learn more about the programming languages for quants you must know features about that programming languages and must know how to use them for solving the quant problem. Following are some programming languages that will help you for solving quantitative problems.


For solving quantitative problems, MATLAB performs the excellent role. MATLAB is a multi-paradigm and fourth-generation programming language. This language has numerical computing environment. MATLAB is specifically for solving a mathematical and quantitative question. MATLAB merge a desktop environment for iterative analysis and design different process with a programming language which represents matrix and array mathematics directly. Through MATLAB you can perform matrix manipulations, plot function, implementation of algorithms, and also greatly interfacing it with programs written in other languages such as C, C++, and Python. The engineers and scientist use MATLAB in different fields such as image and signal processing, a control system for industry, communication, and computational finance.


Python is general purpose, widely used high level, interpreted dynamic programming language. It makes code readability simple, and its syntax allows programmers to express the concept in fewer lines of code.  Python does not completely solve the quantitative concept, but when it comes to general programming, then Python plays a great role. Python programming language supports the excellent libraries for performing the quantitative functions such as numpy, scipy, scikit-learn. It also supports different programming approach such as object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming and procedural styles. It is the automatically memory managed and dynamic programming language.  You can hire freelancers who have knowledge and experience in Python programming language.


Haskell is the purely functional and general purpose programming language. It has non-strict semantics and strong static typing. The Haskell programming language does not combine with other programming languages such as C and C++, but this programming language solves the same problems in a single line. The Haskell programming language has strong typing, declarative style, user-friendly syntax, and a wide collection of real-world libraries so that user can easily develop the quant solving application using this language. The large advantage of Haskell programming language is that it has high performance, robust and it is simple to understand. It greatly helps for modelling mathematical problems and also it is the best language which deals in the category of theory and programming language research.


Julia is a dynamic language for technical computing. It is the high performance and high-level programming language. It is the language suitable for numerical computing and scientific approach. This language has a sophisticated compiler, numerical accuracy, distributed library, and has a functional mathematical library. This language has multiple dispatch functionality which can define function behaviour across many combinations of argument types. Julia language represents high numerical computing similar to other programming languages such as R, MATLAB, and Python. The standard library in Julia includes primitive operations such as integer arithmetic. Julia communities provides a powerful browser-based graphical notebook interface to this language


Prolog is logic based general purpose programming language. It is a language widely used in artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. Prolog is mainly for solving logical formulae. The program logic of the Prolog programming language express regarding relations represented as facts and rules. Prolog language describes the complex situation in few lines it means that it is the best for rapid prototyping. Prolog is a great choice if you have a good idea and want to get a working program that embodies it. Prolog language performs derivation and deduction from facts and rules stored in a database. You can find freelance jobs online in Prolog programming language.

Language R:

R is an open source scripting language for data visualization. R is a programming language mostly used for statistical computing, data analytics, and scientific research. R has user-friendly interface and expressive syntax. It is the most popular language mostly used mathematical data miners, researchers, data analysts, and statisticians. R programming languages use the command line scripting which is mostly used for complex data analysis and also recycle that analysis on similar sets of data. R is the open source programming language so this language is cloned and redistributed easily. R runs and compiles on different platforms such as UNIX platform, Windows, and MacOS. The syntactical structure of R programming language is simple and easy to understand so this language allows the developer to add additional functionality by defining new functionality easily.


This article gives you information regarding the best programming languages for Quant. The languages mentioned above have inbuilt library function so developing the application that performs quant functionality becomes simple. The language mentioned above also helps developers for data visualization and statistical computation.

Kitty Gupta