Full stack developer is that developer who is highly experienced as a web developer and can perform extensive design task and programming tasks. The full stack developer works on all areas of application ranging from high-level framework to the server that host application components. Sometimes the stack is limited to the internal components of an application instead of the things like servers and operating systems. The full stack developer can work on the several layers of the stack and is not limited to single aspect such as UI.  They must be able to work on MVC frameworks, data access libraries, and UI frameworks. The full stack developer requires the knowledge of following layers. You can hire freelancers who have extensive knowledge about designing of website and creation of software.

Server, Network, and Hosting Environment:

As a full stack developer, one must have a detailed knowledge of the server, network, and hosting environment. They must have the appropriate knowledge about the file system, network resources, and understanding of the data redundancy. The full stack developer must know DevOps because this system gives you information about the logging capability, and error messages.

Data Modelling:

The data modelling is the way of representation of complex system design through an easy and simple diagram. As a full stack developer, they must have the keen knowledge for the creation of a relational model, complete with foreign key, index, views, and lookup tables. They must know about the concept of non-relational data stores and understand where they are better over relational data stores. If you have a great technical knowledge, then you can find freelance jobs online in this sector easily.

Business Logic:

As a stack web developer, you must have the solid knowledge about object-oriented skills and keen knowledge about the framework.

API Layer/Action Layer/ MVC:

In this layer, frameworks are used extensively so the developer must know about that framework. They have the ability to write simple, clear, and consistent user interfaces.

User Interface:

Full stack developers create a readable layout and have the ability to create the good visual design. They should be masters of HTML5/ CSS and JavaScript. PHP is also the excellent language, and it will perform a lot of work so they must have the knowledge of this language.

User Experience:

Full stack developer makes all work simple; it means that if some works get completes in 8 steps, then they must able to complete that work in 1 to 2 steps. They are able to write an excellent error message. The full stack developer must be interactive so that user will work with them.

Understanding What Customer and Business Needs:

Before developing the software, full stack developer must analyse that which customers will be using that software and also know what is going in the business field. They also have a grasp of the business.

Required Education:

Without bachelor degree, it is possible to trail some employment opportunities as a full stack developer. But mostly who have completed education in the field of computer science engineering get a job as full stack developer. They must have the keen knowledge of programming skills and also the knowledge of programming platforms and which platform is appropriate for particular programming languages. It is also common for employers who have experience with Agile methodology. The certification of Agile is not required but must asset with those employees.

Other Skills:

Full stack developer must be creative to address website design issues so that they will provide such a website that is most interactive, effective, and functional. They must have problem-solving skills so that they resolve all the requirement of the customers through website effectively. They must be working on the project independently and should be able to manage time so that they will meet the deadlines. They also need teamwork skills and coordinate their efforts with the work that get perform through other design and development professionals. They must have strong communication skills and should encourage team always for performing the work within the deadline.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has not declared the specific salary of full stack developer. The BLS provides the closest comparable job listing that is data for web developers. The BLS said that there is high job growth rate that is 27% from 2014 to 2024. The latest average salary reported by BLS to web developers is $66,130.


This article gives complete information about the full stack web developer job description and salary. Full stack developer is that developer who is highly experienced as a web developer and can perform extensive design task and programming tasks. This article is also helpful for those who want to know skills required for full stack web developer.

Kitty Gupta