The application does not have any importance without having the database. The database is the pillar which stores the data and the storage that survives power outages. Those who are working with the database can successfully design the application. As a programmer to remember all SQL queries, as well as program syntax, is the difficult task that’s why some of the following cheat sheets will help you while you are doing the coding. The cheat sheets design is in such a way that it can be printed easily so that you can use it on your working desk as a reference card. You can hire freelancers who have knowledge and working experience of SQL language.

SQL Injection Cheat Sheet:

The SQL injection cheat sheet is the best for those who work in the field of testing and also for those who are just getting started in web application security. Ferruh Mavituna has created the SQL injection cheat sheet in 2007. Now, this cheat sheet only covers the information for MySQL, limited information for ORACLE, postage SQL, and Microsoft SQL server.  Some syntax in this cheat sheet might not work in every situation because of the environment structure and also when there changes in the usage of parenthesis, and different code bases.

Weak Authentication and Session Management Cheat Sheet:

A web session is the sequence of network HTTP request and response related to the same user. Authentication is the process commonly performed by submitting a username or ID or other private information that the user only know. This cheat sheet covers all queries related to the session and authentication so that developer can easily use that cheat sheet when they perform coding on authentication and session.

Insecure Direct Object References:

The access control problem is fundamentally known as a direct object reference. When a developer uses the reference to an internal implementation object that time, mostly a direct object reference gets used. This cheat sheet covers the syntax related to the direct object reference and security-related query.

MySQL Cheat Sheet:

MySQL cheat sheet is specifically for MySQL database. The cheat sheet consists of commonly used SQL commands and very common option for each. It also covers the syntax related to SQL query. This cheat sheet consists of the MySQL mathematical function, MySQL string functions, and basic MySQL commands. This cheat sheet is available in both PDF and PNG format so that you can download it easily and is very helpful when you are working on MySQL database.

Ingres SQL Injection Cheat Sheet:

For the web application, Ingres is the common database backend. It is the cheat sheet which is not only helpful for web application developer but also helpful for a software tester. It covers all the functions, syntax, and command related to Ingres database. This cheat is very helpful when you perform coding related to a web application, and Ingres is the backend database.

H2 database engine cheat sheet:

H2 database engine is a disk-based and memory based database. It is the fast and open source database engine. This engine provides the solution for SQL injection problem and user password authentication. This cheat sheet covers all the functions and syntax related to the installation of SQL server, system database, string data types, server role and monitoring tool. This cheat is helpful when you work with H2 database engine.

Oracle cheat sheet:

Oracle cheat sheet is a specially designed Oracle database. This cheat sheet is helpful when a user uses the Oracle as a database. This cheat sheet covers all the important commands related to Oracle. It also consists of string data types, mathematical commands, and some important queries related to the system database.

XSS Cheat Sheet:

The XSS cheat sheet creator is RSnake. This cheat sheet provides simple guidelines that developers could follow to prevent XSS. This cheat sheet provides all commands, syntax, and query related to avoiding of XSS. This cheat sheet is helpful for those who already know the basics of XSS attacks and for those who want a deep understanding of the nuances regarding filter evasion. This cheat sheet is also available in both PDF and JPEG format so that you can download it easily. As SQL is must in all web and mobile-based applications, finding freelance jobs online in this sector is easy.


This article gives the information about SQL cheat sheet. This cheat sheet covers the most important syntax and query that are used mostly in SQL language. This cheat sheet makes your workload lesser so without wasting time download this cheat sheet and uses the syntax of the query when you will be performing the work related to SQL.