The HTML5 is the updated version of HTML. HTML is not a programming language, but it is a markup language. The enriched features make it very easy to use and interactive. It allows you to draw on a canvas. It also allows you to design better forms and better applications that work offline. HTML stands for hypertext markup language. The term hypertext means text within text or text has to link within it. The term markup is used to make a text more interactive and dynamic. Hire freelancers online who have at least basic knowledge of HTML5.




<h1>Write Your First Heading</h1>

<p>Write Your First Paragraph.</p>



HTML Formatting Tag:

HTML Formatting tag is used to process a formatting text for better look and feel. Following are the list of tag in HTML5.

  • Bold Text:

The texts write within the tag<b>……</b> is shown in bold letters.

<p> <b> your first paragraph is appears in bold text</b> </p>

  • Italic Text:

The texts write within the tag<i>…..</i> is shown in italic letters.

<p> <i> your first paragraph appears in italic form</i> </p>

  • HTML Marked Format:

The text write within the tag<mark>……</mark> is appears in mark and highlight format.

<h2> I want to put a <mark> Mark </mark> on your face </h2>

  • Underline Text

The texts write within the <u>……</u> is shown in underline text.

<p> <u>Your first paragraph is appears in underline text</u> </p>

  • Strike Text:

The texts write within the tag<strike>……</strike> is displayed with strikethrough.

<p> <strike> Your first paragraph is appears with strike through</strike> </P>

  • Monospaced Font

If you want that each letter appears in same width then you should write the content within <tt>……..</tt> tag.

<p>Hiiiii<tt> Your first paragraph appears in monospaced font</tt> </p>

  • Superscript Text

The texts write within<sup>…….</sup> element is appears in superscript. It is displayed half character’s height below the other characters.

<p>Hello <sub>Write Your First Paragraph in subscript.</sub></p>

  • Deleted Text:

The texts write within the <del>……</del> is appears as a deleted.

<p> Hiiiiii<del> delete your first paragraph</del> </p>

  • Inserted Text:

The texts write within the <ins>…….</ins> is appears as inserted text.

<p> <del>Delete your first paragraph.</del><ins>Write another paragraph.</ins></p>

  • Larger Text:

The text write within the<big>………</big> increase the one size larger than the previous.

<p>Hiiii <big>Write the paragraph in larger font.</big></p>

  • Smaller Text:

The texts write within the <small>…….</small> reduces the one size smaller than the previous one.

<p>Hiiii <small>Write the paragraph in smaller font.</small></p>

HTML image tag:

The image tag of the HTML is for displaying the image on the web pages. The image tag of the HTML does not have a closing tag. You can find freelance jobs online from various marketplace website.

<h3> Example of HTML Image Tag<h3>

<img src=”Nature.jpg” alt= “ Nature image”/>

 Doctype HTML

On any HTML programming you will see the <!Doctype html> tag declaration before the <html> tag. The <!Doctype html> is not the HTML declaration. It is used to instruct the web browser about HTML page.

HTML Label tag:

For specifying the label to <input> element the <label> tag is used. It adds the label to a form a control such as text, email, and password.

<label for=”Name”>Name:<br /> <input type=”name” value=”” name=” name” size=”50″

placeholder=”Enter your name”><br /><br />

<label for=”phone”>PHONE NO:<br /> <input type=”text” value=”” name=”phno” size=”30″

maxlength=”10″ placeholder=”Enter a valid phone number” pattern=”[0-9]{10}”><br /><br />

 HTML Button tag:

The HTML button tag is used to create the clickable button within HTML form on your webpage. In the <button>……..</button> tag you can put content like text or image. For button element different browser uses different default type.

<button name=”button” type=”button”>Click Here</button>

You can use the button tag inside and outside the form. If you use the button inside the form, then it is work as submit or reset button. If you use that button outside the form, you can call JavaScript function on it.

HTML Anchor Tag:

The anchor tag is for linking one page to another page. The “href” is the most important tag in HTML tag. The “href” attribute is used to define the address of the page you want to link.


<a href = “………..”> Link Text </a>

HTML Marquee tag:

The Marquee HTML tag is used to scroll the text and image horizontally or vertically. It means that you can scroll your text and image from left to right or up and down.

<marquee>This is an example of HTML marquee </marquee>


This article is for the HTML5 tutorial where you get the knowledge of the most important tag of the HTML5 programming language. If you are working on the HTML5, then this article is very advantageous to you.