HTML is always needed in web development, but before HTML 5, it was not given enough importance. HTML 5 made it versatile for the developers to do a lot of things that were previously not possible. The code becomes clean, semantics become better, there are uniformity, mutuality, better forms, offline browsing and accessibility, geo-location support, and whatnot. Naturally, a lot of development tools surfaced in the market as the importance of HTML 5 increased signification in the market. The following is the list of the top 10 HTML5 development tools to try out.

1. Sprite Box Tool –

This is one of the best HTML 5 development tools, and it lets the developers design images into sprite. It is mostly used for compressing images, and almost all developers use it so that the web pages load faster. Therefore, it enhances the user experience and it a must-have tool.

2. Liveweave –

It is a playground for HTML 5 developers as they can test out their code on the platform. It is also suitable for JavaScript and CSS3, and it helps to save a lot of time in testing for the developers. This testing is not advanced testing as most of the companies have dedicated testing team. But a developer has to do some preliminary testing so that the quality of the code is good enough.

3. Adobe Edge Animate –

If you are designing an interactive website, this is the most useful tool for you. You can design the interactive website interface in the best possible way, and it is going to make your website eye-catching and engaging. Apart from that, you can also create a feature-rich website interface that will make the website stand out with interesting web elements.

4. Adobe Dreamweaver –

It is a must-have tool for every HTML 5 developer as it lets developers design the basic structure of the website with minimal effort. It lets the users optimize the website for desktop as well as mobile users. It is a paid tool, and it is now a part of Adobe Creative Cloud package. For small websites, Dreamweaver will do most of the part.

5. CreateJS

This is a suite of libraries and tool for HTML 5 developers to create rich and interactive content for the website effortlessly. The libraries work independently, and each of them addresses different prospects such as animation, audio, pre-loading, and much more. It makes working with HTML 5 Canvas easy, and it is a must-have and must-try suite for the developers.

6. Sublime Text

This is a very powerful and quite advanced text editor for HTML 5 developers for coding as well as markups. There are many built-in plugins to help to code better, and there are various auto-completion tricks available to enhance the coding speed. You have to dig deep to understand the editor better and make the most of the editor for better and faster coding.

7. Moqups

Designing mockups before starting the actual design is a very important part of web development. The tool is designed to let the developers do the planning and create wireframe mockups to understand how the architecture works. There are various tools available, and it shows how the wireframe will turn up in different devices for the responsiveness.

8. Video.js

Video is now an essential part of the website as it helps to explain any idea perfectly. However, the new developers are quite troubled with the inclusion of video on the website and maintaining the responsiveness. Video.js is a quick-loading player of videos, and you can attach any video to any part of the website instantly without any hassle.

9. Font Testing Tool –

There is no doubt that the font you use on your website, it can make or break your website. Most of the developers prefer to use a unique font in certain parts of the website so that the website could stand out from the rest. With the tool, you can try out various types of fonts and choose the best one for your website. HTML 5 developers can drag and drop the font.tff files for quick viewing.

10. HTML 5 Outliner –

This is an amazing online tool that helps to check the structure of HTML 5. Therefore, it is primarily a reviewing tool, and you can check how particular web pages will look after the designing is complete. You can upload HTML document and link it to a certain URL and check it out. At the same time, you can check for any error by pasting the code.

Apart from these, there are so many other HTML 5 development tools available It totally depends on the preference the developers and the tools he is comfortable with.