A backup plan is necessary when you are using an electronic device. Your device can get stolen, data can become corrupt suddenly, the system can crash and wipe out all data and various such possible outcomes waiting to happen to give you the shock of your life. There are different ways available to back up your system. Using an external hard drive was the best solution until cloud backup services came into existence. In a cloud backup service, your data will be saved in a remote server and at times, multiple copies are created in different servers by cloud backup service providing companies so that your data can be restored even if one server gets corrupted. Most importantly, you can get access to your backed up data from any place in the world where you have a laptop and internet connection.

How To Select The Best Cloud Backup Service In 2018?

The cloud backup services are the most popular and the best solution for all your backup needs. There are so many popular companies providing cloud backup services and freelance services that you can end up choosing a below the average service. Before choosing a cloud backup service, make sure that the interface has all the latest features and it should be platform independent so that you can access it from any operating system and device. The storage capacity and pricing are important factors. The service must have an automated tool to backup data regularly so that it does not have to post freelance jobs to hire people to back it up manually. Another important criterion is that the service must offer options to retain the files for a required time period and additional physical storage option.

  1. iDrive

iDrive is considered to be the best and the complete cloud backup service. The pricing could be a problem but it is affordable for many. It supports all platforms of PC and other devices like smartphone and tablets. The syncing is perfect across all devices and there are options to share any file with anyone on different platforms and backing up local drives.

Some of the highlighting features are the real-time backup option, 256-bit encryption, social media backup, web-based console, and proper file versioning. The service will run in the background and automatically save changes to files in the cloud. You can also download activity reports for any insight or professional records. It costs $69.5 annually for 2TB with a huge discount for the first year. You can opt for higher storage space as per plans available.

  1. BackBlaze

BackBlaze is considered to be the best budget cloud backup service available in the market currently. It is very convenient to use and has many powerful features. You get unlimited storage which is the best part of it that attracts so many customers. Furthermore, there is no limit to upload and download speed or bandwidth. You can use personal encryption key or general encryption.

All the files and folders will be backed up upon its installation except the temporary files and folders on your computer. It supports Windows and macOS. You have to option to choose the files and folders that need to be included or excluded for regular automatic backup. You have to pay merely $5 per month or $50 per year for unlimited storage. There are different plans such as personal, business, and developers cloud backup services to suit everyone’s need completely.

  1. Carbonite

Carbonite is powerful could backup service and by default, it backs up everything that it thinks are necessary to back up. You also have the controls to select the files and folders to back up automatically and regularly. It is applicable for all platforms like Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. You can also backup a folder on the go by right-clicking on it and selecting the option Back This Up. There is no question of scheduled backup because it has a real-time backup system. The automated file versioning feature is quite handy. There are fine-tuning, syncing and seamless integration options across different platforms. There is external hard drive backup option and you can order the external drive to be delivered to your place in case of emergency. The pricing is slightly on the higher side with $59.99 per year for one computer.

Honorable Mentions –

Apart from the abovementioned best cloud backup services in 2018, you can also look out for Mozy which offers 2 GB of free storage and $6 monthly for 50GB. The reason for mentioning it is that it is one of the first cloud backup services ever. If your priority is security, you can opt for SOS Online Backup service with top-tier encryption and constant monitoring of all systems and channels. Even Acronis True Image is receiving great response from users who consider cloud backup services essential.

Whichever cloud backup service you opt for, be sure to check out all the features available under different plans and match them with your requirements and budget.


Kitty Gupta