Customer feedback is essential for product development because the products are made for customers and if they are not according to the way customers want them, they will never buy the products. There are various ways by which constant customer feedback can be collected. For example, the traditional way is to talk to people, potential customers, and even existing clients. Companies post freelance jobs online to hire people to talk to potential customers and then analyze the interviews for insights. With the introduction of the digital platforms, the traditional way has faded significantly.

These days, companies go for live chat option on social media or directly through their official website. Companies hire people from freelance websites to talk to users online anytime. Surveys and online testing schemes are also great to collect valuable customer feedback for product development. But there is no better option than using online customer feedback tools that all the professional company use to get feedback from potential customers and build their products accordingly.

Best Customer Feedback Tools You Can use For Effective Product Development?

  1. Canny

Canny is like a social media site where you can create boards so that visitors can make their own posts. It is extremely user-friendly and you get a complete solution for customer feedback collection. You can do one-to-one interactions with visitors. The customer profiles are saved automatically and they do not have to sign in all the time and their contacts can be used for future references. There are so many useful options like voting points, tagging options, user reports, and various other customization options. You can try the product for 14 days before opting for their plans. It is considered to be the best and the most engaging customer feedback tool at present.

  1. GetFeedback

The best part of GetFeedback is its user interface that will attract the users to leave feedback willingly. You can create your required survey form with eye-catching graphics, videos, fonts, and colors. You can showcase your branding and the design is mobile-responsive. The data received is represented through graphs and you can easily analyze and evaluate responses. You can integrate it with CRM for better insights and effective product development. You can go for a demo before you purchase their plans.

  1. Team Hively

Hively is a popular customer feedback tool which mainly focuses on the customer satisfaction measurement. It is a good idea to introduce a product at its early stage as alpha and beta versions to see customers’ reactions. It has been found that Hively gets huge responses doing to simple questions that take the least time to answer. You can associate every survey with the employee responsible for that part of the product development. Hence, you can reward employees who are getting overwhelming responses and ask the underwhelming response getter to do better. Additionally, customers can leave their satisfaction level using different smiley faces and ratings with stars. You can integrate it with every customer support team interaction and even with emails. A deep insight is provided after the collection of data from surveys. It is free up to 3 users and hence, you can try it out for free before purchasing its suitable plan.

  1. ProdPad

This is one of the most popular customer feedback tools used by the professionals. It has a visually appealing interface for the entire product development team to work cohesively. It is a perfect product feedback tool where every team of the production team can share their ideas about various features of the products under development. They will be posted automatically for customers’ votes and ratings and even opinions. The customers can get latest updates of every product due to the presence of timeline view layout. It makes life easy for the managers to get greater insights into customer feedback received and develop product accordingly. You get all the required customization options and create product roadmap for every member and customer to get a greater understanding and optimization as per feedbacks. You can use customers’ ideas and get your team members vote on them to include the idea into the product or create a separate product accordingly. It is integrated with over 500 apps and platforms seamlessly. Get a trial run before purchasing the tool. It is a perfect customer feedback tool to have for small to large product companies.

  1. Get Satisfaction

It is a community platform tool and you can embed the community anywhere. It is very easy to configure and deploy. You can gain better and deeper insights and you can take action based on feedbacks to build a better product. You can get the customers to vote on various ideas and features so that you can work on them to build your product effectively. There are options to give praises, ask questions, share ideas and report problems. You can integrate it with CRMs, customer support tools, social media tools and other automation tools. The gamification features will help encourage community members and fetch more feedbacks. You can request a demo before purchasing it.

Choose any of the above-mentioned best customer feedback tools for a better product development. There is no need of posting freelance jobs online to hire people to interview customers manually. All these tools are essential and they make it easy to collect customer feedback and incorporate them into the product building process. Create a product according to customers’ demands and you don’t have to worry about its sales figures.

Kitty Gupta