An infographic is a compact and eye-catching visual representation of information. Infographics get more attention and engagement that textual content. As a matter of fact, infographics are considered to be the best content marketing option ahead of video content marketing and far ahead of blog marketing. If you are doing social media marketing, infographics do wonder every single time in terms of click, engagement, reach, and most importantly, share. If you include an infographic on your blog, people will ignore your content and only go through the infographic first. Infographics are the reason for many blogs going viral every day, viral marketing of products and services on social media, and getting high-quality backlinks as popular websites will backlink to your infographics.

How Interactive Infographic Scores Over Static Infographic?

There are two types of infographics – static infographic and interactive infographic. Static infographics are just images with no clickable or scrollable actions. The days of static content and images are fast getting over. Online users are more fascinated by interactive content and images. An infographic is nothing but a cluster of information and data presented with beautiful colors, diagrams, sequences so that it looks attractive, eye-catching, and appealing to the users. But since infographics are generally long and some parts can be irrelevant for certain section of users, they are not an ideal solution for higher engagement. That is where interactive infographics come into play. You can provide visual content just like every user wants with clickable features and scrollable animations. Users get to choose the relevant content to show through an interactive infographic and hence, you should ditch static infographics and create interactive infographics. If you have some knowledge about graphics designing, you can easily design it yourself with online read-made tools. Otherwise, you can hire freelance graphics designers for the same to make your content extremely user-friendly and completely viral.

Steps To Create Interactive Infographics –

Choose The Right Tool – There are various online tools available for creating infographics. But only some of them are good for interactive infographics creation. is the best platform for creating stunning interactive infographics on anything that your users will love to go through every single time. There are various templates available for different topics and categories of interactive infographics. It has an unlimited collection of animations, custom layouts, graphical objects, and all other essential items. Similarly, is probably the most preferred platform for creating interactive infographics creation as there are awesome ready-made templates available to design mind-blowing infographics without prior knowledge. If you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can always post freelance jobs and hire graphics designers who use premium desktop software like Photoshop to create them.

Take Input From Users – You can start designing your interactive infographic by giving some hard-hitting facts about the topic your infographic is about. The facts must be related and it should force the user to go down further into the infographic. But that is where you have to engage him instantly by taking some inputs. The first step is to hook his attention and the very next step is engaging him. The reason behind taking the input is to provide the rest of the infographic based on his provided data so that the person can be related and go through the entire infographic.

Take A Comparative Approach – Rather than presenting information and data in the raw form which can make your infographic boring, you should take the inputs from users and present how your product or service can make a difference. This will not only make the entire infographic relatable and worth remembering but also highlight your product or service in the best possible way. It will turn out to be more personal and interesting than generic approach.

Hide Some Data – Hide Some Data – As the user goes through your long infographic, he is likely to get inattentive due to the constant bombardment of data and information. That is why you have to hide some data and show them only when the user clicks to unveil them. This will bring back the concentration and also make the infographic truly interactive.

Kill The Monotonous Nature – Even though infographics are all about images, with an interactive infographic, you can include audio, voice, and video snippets. This will make it more intriguing and your credibility and expertise will be on display. The user is likely to take you and your information more seriously than usual due to the visible effort in the creation of the infographic.

Mix It Up – You should add scrolling effects which are trending now and make an infographic stand out easily. Similarly, if the infographic is long, you can do pagination. Let the user highlight different parts and get a good understanding of human psychology to use appropriate color and use certain words that can create the maximum impact.

Interactive infographics are the trend in the content marketing and if you can design it yourself with online tools in case you want to post them regularly on social media and inside your posts. If you are going to create them occasionally, you can hire freelance graphic designers to do it for you perfectly.


Kitty Gupta