Just like having a website is not enough, you have to do SEO works to reach out to your audience, similarly, designing an awesome infographic is just not good enough to get the required exposure. You have to submit your infographics on different available platforms where infographic-lovers hang out. There is no denying the fact that infographics can make your content, product, and service completely viral.

Infographics are one of the most effective ways to get high-quality backlinks from popular websites who came across your infographics on such infographic submitting platforms and thought of using them on their websites by mentioning your website as the source. Furthermore, even social media influencers might discover your stunning infographics on such platforms and share them to get you huge social media following and web traffic to your website. The top 10 websites to submit your infographic are listed below. You can hire freelancers to submit them regularly.

  1. Slideshare

Slideshare is designed to empower the users to share anything they like such as presentations, documents, PDFs, images and most importantly, infographics. This is the best platform to showcase your infographics to the targeted audiences and most of the popular website owners are active on the platform and they can provide you high-quality backlinks. Do not ignore the platform thinking it is dead or inactive because even useless posts end up getting good views. Go ahead and create an account and start uploading. It will be better to post a freelance job to hire a Slideshare expert who can give you better reach with various tricks.

  1. Visual.ly

Visual.ly is extremely popular as a platform for creating infographics. But many people are unaware of the fact that it is a great platform to submit your infographics and even sell them. This is the most active platform where you get quality targeted audiences and you can actually see the reach of your infographics. Furthermore, your infographic will also be analyzed and given points for improvement and better reach and attention.

  1. Reddit

Reddit is the best platform to reach out to the targeted audiences, social media influencers and other high-quality websites owners and editors. Your infographic can go viral in a matter of few minutes. You have to submit your infographics to subreddit infographics. You can also submit them according to the topic or category your infographics cater to.

  1. Flickr

Flickr is a paradise of creative and quality images and their infographics section gets huge engagement and attention every day. Just create an account and then create an album and start uploading. You can post a freelance job to hire a Flickr expert who can give you better reach with various tricks. The images can also appear on Google image searches. All the popular websites link to Flickr for their image sources. It is nothing short of a social media platform with chats, groups and communities facilities.

  1. Infographics Showcase

From the name you can conclude that it is a great place to submit your infographics to show them off to the people who are active in its community. In the top menu bar, you will find the option Submit Infographics and wait patiently for approval and publishing on the home page with some content. It is definitely one of the most active communities of infographic-lovers.

  1. Mashable Infographics

Mashable is one of the leading news websites in the world and millions of readers are active on the platform worldwide. Since it is basically an online news website, your submitted infographic will be considered as news for approval. Therefore, design your infographic accordingly to get everyone’s attention and then you can promote your website, product, or service easily. Submit your infographic at http://mashable.com/submit/

  1. Infographaholic

The platform gets one of the highest traffic among all other infographic submission directories. It showcases infographics of all topics and categories and hence, it is a go-to place for infographic-lovers. You can submit infographics of 500 pixels width only.

  1. Daily Infographic

The website features beautiful infographics every day of various categories and there are thousands and thousands of active readers. Once they like our infographics, they can share on social media and once the sharing trend picks you, your infographic will sure to go viral.

  1. Infographics Reviews

This is a very popular platform among infographic designers as this site evaluates the infographics you submit and give your scores and ratings with suggestions for improvement. The best ones are showcased on their home screen for exposure. As infographic designers visit the site regularly, you can get high-quality backlinks easily once your infographic is posted.

  1. Fast Company

Fast Company is a popular website where news and blogs are published regularly and they have millions are readers active all the time. Fast Company has a unique section named Infographic of the Day where you can post your infographic by contacting the editor at media@fastcompany.com.

When you put either your effort or money into designing stunning infographics, you should put effort to submit them in the right places to reach out to as many people as possible. If you cannot put your time and effort, you can hire freelancers to do it for you to make your infographics viral.