Given a chance, each and every one us will open up a business and do something on our own rather than going to a mundane job and work with someone. We all have that entrepreneurship spark within us but it is either due to lack of courage or lack of funding that we do not start our own ventures and settle into never-satisfactory job life. But if you have the will, there will always be a way and you can even start your business with only a dollar and become a millionaire if your business turns out to be successful. It is worth giving a go because you have nothing to lose other than your free time. The following are top businesses to start in 2018 with only a dollar.

  1. SEO Firm – SEO has become a necessity for all websites. There is a huge demand for SEO experts who can deliver the result and companies are willing to pay any money to get the job done. You can learn SEO tricks and techniques through online tutorials and videos and even enroll in courses and start providing the services through freelance platforms. The clients and agencies post freelance jobs to hire quality SEO experts at good pay. You can start out alone and as the orders start increasing due to your reviews and reputation, you can teach others and make them work for you as part-timers and you can keep expanding likewise.
  2. Hardware Consultancy Firm – There are unlimited software consultancy firms in the world but there are not many for the hardware section. By hardware, it could be on any category of gadgets and not just computers. You should build your career and take training accordingly and start as an individual to provide hardware consultancy service. You can sign contracts and hire others who can help you to complete the project. You do not need money for this, but you need a great network of right people to get recommendations and excel in your venture. Companies hire freelancers online who are hardware consultants for maintenance, troubleshooting, security setup, recommending the hardware requirement for a building or office and likewise.
  3. Customized Products Company – 2018 is going to be the year when online shopping platforms will start selling customized products. For example, take a coffee mug and the customer can order the writing they want on the cup. Similarly, the customized products will be valid for dresses, showpieces, and personal items. There are many websites like that but it is yet to become a mainstream thing and hence, the rates are very high. You can provide the same service without any investment. You can start a Facebook page and start selling products with customized designs and once you receive orders, you can buy the original things and get it customized. You should have the connections ready to where can you get the customized print from. You can also showcase your items on YouTube channel and get traction. Later on, you can have a dedicated website and start selling them on a large scale with bulk orders.
  4. Creative Services – There are various services that you can provide local and with a good reputation, your brand name will spread by word of mouth. For example, interior designers are highly sought in the market. Similarly, drawing portraits of persons is another creative skill that can get you lots of orders. Graphic designing, matchmaking and wedding planning are some of the creative services you can offer and grow exponentially with huge revenue. For providing such services, you need to have a good network and portfolio to show the potential clients. You can showcase your work and reach out to the clients easily through social media and YouTube.
  5. Online Marketing Services – Marketing is always a necessity for any online business. There are various types of marketing services you can provide depending on your skill. Even if you do not have the skill, you can be the middleman and post freelance jobs to hire skill marketing service providers to get the job done. Some of the popular marketing services are Facebook Ad campaign setup, AdWords setup, link building, commenting, guest posting, being a virtual assistant and calling up potential customers, offline marketing and likewise. You need to have the skill to convince the potential clients to get the project award and deliver as promised. There is a huge scope for fast expansion and making a name easily.
  6. Personal Services – Personal services are becoming extremely popular as people are progressing and the income levels are going up. People are focusing more on lifestyle and hence, yoga, dance, sports instructors are in huge demand. You can be an agency and take a commission for supplying the required instructors. Furthermore, financial planners and advisors are often sought due to different options opening up for investment. Something like home sitting with babies, pets, and old age people, providing homemade food services, and even offering online tutoring service on the latest technologies can be done without any initial investment.

To start a business in 2018 with only a dollar, you have to understand the trends in customer demands and possess the skill to offer the required services. Once you build a certain reputation, you can expand and invest from your income. Sometimes, all you will need is a business mind and you can be the middleman and hire freelancers online to get the orders done and take a hefty commission. There is no dearth of business opportunities, you got to try and find out which one is for you by investing your time only.

Kitty Gupta