The most important factor that drives a startup to success is its product. But it is not the only factor as you need to market your product effectively to reach out to the targeted audiences. Sometimes, it is the marketing of the product that scores over the quality of the product. There could be better products in the market that the targeted audiences may never know about and hence, they will believe that your product is the best. When it comes to online marketing, you can get the initial push with paid promotion but in the long run, you will face a cash crunch. Therefore, it is instrumental that you do marketing that is sustainable and audiences come to you to fulfill their needs without forcing them and manipulating them with paid advertisements. The only way to do so is by search engine optimization(SEO). You should hire SEO experts from reputed freelance websites and get them to work on your website from the very beginning.

Why Startups Need SEO?

SEO is the most organic way to reach out to the targeted audiences. With SEO, your website or product gets a higher rank on the search engine. 90% of the online users search anything they want to buy on the search engines. It is taken for granted that the websites that get listed on the first page of the search engine result pages, they are considered trustworthy and users buy products from them only. Therefore, you do not have to sell your brand to your targeted audience and you can concentrate on selling the product. Furthermore, it is interesting to know that the targeted audiences are coming to your website instead of you approaching them. Therefore, the interest from the audiences is at the highest level and hence, the conversion rate will be higher provided your product is better than your competitors. So, the bottom line is startups definitely need search engine optimization to increase reach, get better conversion, increase sales figure and revenue. It is the only way to sustainable success for any company with an online presence.

What Are The Ways SEO Is Beneficiary For Startups?

When you hire SEO experts, they optimize your website and its content in such a way that the search engine crawlers understand your website completely and rank it according to the keywords that suit your products. Furthermore, with link building and other SEO techniques according to search engine algorithms, they boost the ranking and help to get past the competitors with time. With better ranking, you get unlimited organic and free web traffic or targeted audiences and it eventually catapults your startup to the path of success. Apart from web traffic, here is how SEO can be beneficiary.

Brand Reputation – As mentioned earlier, any website that ranks on the first page of result pages are considered trustworthy and their brand value increases exponentially. You do not have to increase your brand value with any other effort when you get a good rank with SEO.

Outshining Competitors – When you start a company and sell a product, there will be a lot of competitors who will already have some a chunk of customers. To dismantle those established competitors, you have to take a shortcut to success. SEO is that shortcut and you need to post freelance jobs to hire the experienced SEO experts who can do it for you. If your website gets listed higher than your competitors, it automatically means that the targeted audiences will visit your website first before visiting other links. If you can convince them to buy your products, in no time, you can become an established player in your niche and start growing the market share.

Local Store Reach – Not all startups are completely online based companies. If your startup is offline based as well, SEO is of immense value for you. People search for local stores on search engines and based on the listings and recommendations, they visit the stores and buy the required products. Therefore, your business or local store must be optimized for search engines so that it can appear at a higher rank when your targeted audiences search for the products you are selling.

Better User Experience – Unless you post freelance jobs and hire experienced SEO experts, you will not know how to enhance user experience that can create impact. For example, according to current SEO principles, your website should have a mobile-first design due to most of the online users being mobile users. Therefore, you need to adjust the design or theme accordingly and it, in turn, will help you to provide a better user experience. It matters a lot in the business as it is directly related to customer satisfaction.  Similarly, there are various such changes you have to do for SEO’s sake that will eventually benefit you in creating better user experience every single time and thereby, increasing the conversion rate.

To conclude, it is safe to say that SEO is indispensable for startups for getting a higher rank, increasing brand value, getting unlimited organic traffic, increasing conversion rate and thereby increasing the sales figure and revenue.

Kitty Gupta