WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to create a website and get started with your online venture. Wed design never stays the same and new trends emerge every year and website owners have to modify their websites accordingly to go with the trends. While some of the basic trends are going to stay the same in 2018 such as security measures, mobile-first design, clean layouts but the underlying trends can change drastically. You need to be aware of the WordPress web design trends in 2018 so that your website can have all the latest trending elements when you hire WordPress developers to design your website.

  1. Rebellious Typography

It is said that you should always keep the typography of your website as simple as you can. Furthermore, you should choose between the standard fonts that most people use on their websites so that users can get acquainted with it naturally and instantly. But 2017 saw some of the most popular websites using some non-standard fonts and the users have accepted it comfortably. Therefore, 2018 could be the ultimate year where most of the WordPress websites can have different typography especially according to the theme and niche of the website.

  1. Hand-Drawn Graphics

Hand–drawn graphics make a brand different from another one. Users seem to give more preference to websites with custom designs that no one else have replicated. There are billions of websites with similar designs and hence, most of them fail to make the first killer impression. But with WordPress, you can customize themes and use hand-drawn graphics in the background to catch attention at once and provide a great user interface. You can post freelance jobs to hire graphics designers to get hand-drawn customized graphics.

  1. VR Based Websites

Augmented reality and virtual reality are going to be the trends in 2018 as most of the smartphones are following the trend set by iPhone X. So many advanced VR and AR based kits are available and websites are gearing up to upgrade themselves to integrate the technology. There are various niches where VR could do wonders for tour website or gadget showcasing website. 2018 will be the year when most of the premium WordPress themes will have VR and AR based properties to engage the users and provide more value.

  1. The Bridge Between Images and Videos

Many consider animation is the bridge between images and videos. But too many animations will slow down the website and even though videos are replacing images in many cases but the problem stays the same that too many videos will slow down the loading speed of the web pages. It is going to be replaced with Cinematograph which is nothing but images and repeated movements. It is visually appealing and hence, it is the safest way to attract attention without slowing down the loading speed.

  1. Micro-interactions

Instead of showing everything at once, websites that are coming up with minimal design and they are being more interactive. Upon certain actions, the relevant information is shown. In other words, micro-interactions are all about showing as much as possible and showing the rest when required. WordPress is coming up with themes and elements whereby smooth transitions of information are becoming an essential feature.

  1. Full Shuttle Animations

There is no denying the fact that animations are cool and the most powerful visual element to amaze the user in a very shuttle way. Starting from logo, navigation to hover effects or triggered effects, shuttle animations will be everywhere. As a matter of fact, animations will be the key to branding in 2018 when it comes to WordPress web design. You can hire WordPress developers who can turn your simple and minimalistic website design into something extraordinary with shuttle animations anywhere and everywhere the user navigates. Shuttle animations will never be a constraint or distraction but only enhance the user interaction and addiction.

  1. Chatbots

WordPress Plugin library is steadily getting great AI chatbots plugins that are essential for the modern websites. With AI-based chatbots, you can interact with your online users and help them decide on buying the service or products you are selling. There is no need for too many customer support representatives as these AI-based chatbots can answer all the basic questions intelligently.

  1. Personalization

Web developers are concentrating to provide solutions to the online users dynamically as per the analytics and behavior of specific users. Therefore, the web pages can become highly dynamic and more emphasis will be given to analyzing the behaviors and interactions of the online users so that personalized solutions and output can be shown that the user will be more effective and fitting. There would a lot of customization options and interactive areas to get what is tailor-made for specific users.

These are the leading WordPress web design trends in 2018 that you should take into consideration and post freelance jobs to hire graphics designers and WordPress developers who can build website following the latest trends.

Kitty Gupta