Just like WordPress is full of plugins that make it feature-rich, Shopify is full of apps that make it stand apart from its competitors. There are over 1200 useful apps available in Shopify app store. That is why Shopify is the first choice for creating online stores. Most of the entrepreneurs hire Shopify experts to create an outstanding e-commerce platform and take their online venture to the next level. There are apps for marketing, analytics, product reviews, SEO, social media integration, deals and discounts and much more. The following are the top 20 most useful Shopify apps you need to know and use on your website for betterment.

  1. Tidio Live Chat

The live chat feature is a must for any website now and website owners hire coders by posting freelance jobs to code out the live chat module on their website. Instead, you can install the app and the live chat option will be available to provide your customer instant support.

  1. Plug In SEO

SEO is one of the most important aspects that determine the success of an online store. This app lets you know the issues you have for which you are not getting a high rank on search engines. You are likely to go up in ranking once you fix the issues. It provides a detailed report which is useful for SEO experts whom you can hire by posting freelance jobs.

  1. Oberlo

Oberlo brings the idea of reselling in your online store. You can search for demanding products through Oberlo and list them on your website so that when customers buy it, Oberlo will ship the products directly to the customer and you get a handsome commission in between. You do not have to worry about packing and shipping and it can help you make greater profits.

  1. Digital Downloads

This app lets you sell digital products so that when a customer buys a product, he gets to download the content at once. Furthermore, you can offer customers leaflets, user manual, and other required digital items to convince him to buy different categories of products.

  1. Order Printer

This app is really useful if you ship your own products. You can take print out of anything starting from invoice, packing slips to labels and coupon codes. The best part is you can customize the templates available and increase your branding and speed up shipping process like professionals.

  1. Free Shipping Bar

This app is quite interactive and likely to encourage the customers to buy more products. It shows slide out bar with progressing messages every item the customer put a new item the shopping cart. It congratulates the customer when he has breached the limit and is eligible for free shipping.

  1. Printful

The current trend in the e-commerce world is selling customized products. This app lets your customers design their own t-shirt labels according to your liking and once the order is placed, Printful as a company will print in on the t-shirt and ship it to the customer. You get a commission in between and get popularity for offering customized products.

  1. Exit Offers

You can prevent the loss of potential customers by offering them deals that they cannot avoid and go away. The exit offers app is tailor-made for that purpose and it shows your message or offer during the exit intent of the users. Furthermore, you can offer the coupon codes in exchange for email addresses.

  1. Facebook Store

This is one of the best apps you must have on your website as it lets you sell your products directly through your Facebook page. Customers can share your products and their friends can directly buy it on Facebook and hence, there are chances of increasing reach and sales figures.

  1. Pre-Order Manger

To create a hype of a premium product, it is important to accept pre-orders so that the customers can know about the product and feel the urgency to register for pre-order. You can even limit the number of pre-orders that will be accepted.

  1. Product Reviews

This app lets you add a product review area for the customers to provide their opinion about the product they bought. It offers the features to do bulking filtering, import, and export data and it is also SEO-friendly so that the reviews are displayed when a user searches the product on search engines.

  1. Upsell Motivator

You must have noticed that when you browse any online store, you get to see the pop-up bar on the top of the site where all the promotional deals and discounts are shown. This app lets to have exactly the same bar to attract attention and display the daily offers to increase conversion. You can change style, position, color, add buttons and links.

  1. WhatShare

This is a must-have social sharing button that will surely increase the engagement of the users on your products. Users can share the products with their friends for making choice or seeking opinion. You can track the products and pages that are getting shared and improve accordingly. There are social share buttons for all the popular social media platforms.

  1. Social Media Stream

This app lets you show your social media posts directly on your website to gain social followers and integrate your social accounts with your website. There is no need of embedding posts and you can show posts from all popular social sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and likewise.

  1. Aftership

Once shipping of products is completed, this app lets you track the products from all the popular logistic companies from one common dashboard and you can let your customers get delivery updates and whereabouts regarding the products they have purchased.

  1. Better Coupon Box

It is important to make the first impression correct and this app lets you do exactly that. You can provide your new customers a coupon code by using a responsive popup and he can avail the coupon upon completion of one task like becoming your social follower or sharing your website on social media. This will ensure purchase as well as free promotion.

  1. Yotpo Reviews

This app sends an email after a week to the customers who have bought a product so that they can leave their reviews through the email and they will be posted on your product pages.

  1. Out Of Stock

When your products become out of stock, this app lets customers pre-order those products so that when they are back in the stock, the customers are notified. This will help you increase sales figures and not miss out revenue when products are out of stock.

  1. Social Login

This is a simple app that lets customers login to your website with their social media sites.

  1. McAfee Secure

Lastly, you need to take full care of the security of your website. The online transaction should be secure and your website should be malware-free. This is also going to make your website trustworthy.

You should consider using the above-mentioned top 20 most useful Shopify apps on your Shopify website. If you are not sure how to use them, hire Shopify experts to help you out and make your website feature-rich and user-friendly.