Magento is a great choice for creating a start-up online store as it has complete integration of backend dashboard for customizations, inventory management, CMS, and shipping and supplier management system. Magento comes with several useful paid extensions that will make your online store feature-rich and user-friendly and thereby, you can set yourself apart from your competitors. Out of the available extensions, the following Magento extensions are must-have for any online store enhance its functionalities and increase the conversion rate. You can post freelance jobs to hire Magento experts to install them on your online store.

  1. Magento Multi-Vendor

Every online store should have the option for external sellers to sell their products so that the customers can get a variety of product choices and you can get commission per sale. This is possible using Multi-Vendor extension that lets you register and approve seller and even disapprove sellers instantly. You can also approve the products they are selling and you can keep track of orders, sales, payments, inventory and send sellers notifications. This is the perfect extension to turn your small online store into something big like a marketplace.

  1. Google Shopping Feed

When you search a product on Google, you will see that Google lists the product and related products in an ad banner with price tags and seller names just above the first search result link. If you want your products to feature in that list, you have to use this extension and export all products you have. This will increase sale as well as ranking based on how often people are clicking on your products in Google Shopping list.

  1. Daily Deals

Deals and offers are the heart of an online store and the only way to attract audiences from your competitors. Daily Deals extension helps in easy management of the deals and offers you are giving. For example, it has countdown timer to instigate the customers to buy a product instantly. You can also feature upcoming deals, display the deals anywhere on the screen, use contrasting colors and highlight to attract attention and likewise.

  1. Ajax Filter and Cart

This extension is a must-have to enhance user experience. It quickly shows the filter result without actually reloading the web page and therefore, the results are visible instantly. It also puts an ‘add to cart’ option for increasing conversion rate and for instant choosing and buying a product.

  1. LiveChatInc

For any online store, it has become mandatory to have a live chat system to assist the customers instantly in making decisions and clarifying doubts to increase sales figure and conversion rate. This is one of the best online chat system extensions for Magento-based online store.

  1. Payment & Shipping By Cuter Group

This is the most innovative payment system whereby you can offer discounts and incentives to new customers or customers with certain common traits. For example, you can give 10% discount to all those customers who have completed ten orders on your platform. This will help to encourage the customers to buy through your platform and ditch the competitors.

  1. Gift Cards

Having gift card option is essential as your online store starts to grow. It encourages people to purchase gift cards and send them to near and dear ones. Once a person receives a gift card, he or she is likely to buy and in turn, it will increase the sales figure.

  1. J2T Reward Point

According to the modern trend in the ecommerce world, online stores are offering their customers reward points on every purchase to encourage them to make more purchases. They can redeem the reward points for the next purchase or later as per their wish. You can develop the same system in your store using this extension. This extension actually offers reward points on every step so that the customers get motivated to complete all the goals to purchase a product. This can increase the sales figures and conversion rate like you never imagined.

  1. Refer A Friend

The loyalty program is an attraction available on every online store that helps to get a good deal of customers. Developing an apt loyalty program system with coding could be painful but with this extension, it can be managed perfectly and effortlessly. You can put up interesting referral offers and first purchase offers to get huge sales figure based on your loyalty program only. Most of the buying decisions are made by word of mouth only and hence, it is a must-have for your online store.

  1. Sales Recovery

There are many users who keep certain products in their carts and buy them when the prices of the products go down. It could be inconvenient for the users to check out the prices of the products every day. With Sales Recovery extension, you can send auto-responding emails to those users to remind them of the products in their carts along with the prices that have gone down. Such intimation will help in boosting the sales figure. As a matter of fact, you can send coupon codes as incentives for those users to buy out the products immediately.

You must include these top 10 best Magento extensions for your online store and you can hire freelancers to install them perfectly and understand their functionalities. It will surely increase user engagement with all the required features and, in turn, increase sales figures and have a better control over your store.

Kitty Gupta