PHP developers have a distinct advantage over other web developers because there are certain tools available in the market for PHP that help them to create certain portions of a web application or website without writing a single line of code. Such tools are called PHP code generators where you have to make certain changes in the settings and parameters and create a module of your website or even the entire website if it is rather simple and small. You do not have to post freelance jobs to hire extra developers to work on your project and you can save a lot of time as the module will be created in minutes. There are various PHP code generator tools available in the market and the most popular ones are PHPRunner, PHPMaker, and Scriptcase. The question is which one should you choose and when?

PHPRunner –

PHPRunner uses wizards to create forms, database, grids, reports and even visual charts. It is a perfect code generator to use when you have database-based application or website. It lets more than one person to work on the same projects which is why it is quite popular among PHP developers. It supports all the popular database platforms. There are various templates and themes available and you can customize them as per your requirement. Some of the useful templates are shopping carts, knowledge bases, social media and likewise. The templates have amazing graphical interface and databases structure. You can use the visual editor to change the appearance of different elements and you can even edit CSS style sheets for modification.

Highlights –

  • It has a wide range of database support and it is tailor-made to create database-related applications.
  • It has a great collection of templates for different types of websites.
  • The visual editor makes it easy for anyone to edit the template and do as they like without any knowledge of coding.
  • Reports and charts are essential for any website and applications now and PHPRunner provides you multiple options to create customizable reports and charts based on database data.
  • The presence of application preview option and SQL editor make it developer-friendly to view the results.
  • The security is top-notch and there is an option for dynamic permissions. Your website can have Multilanguage support and Ajax-based functionalities.
  • You can integrate with existing websites and edit all the available controls and set validations.

PHPMaker –

If you want to develop a web application that lets users access and modify the database, this is the perfect PHP code generator. You can define different access levels when you hire PHP experts to do different modules of your project. There are limited features and application of PHPMaker. There are customized templates and extensions to make your application look just the way you want it to. You can create responsive websites and do validation for both server and client side. If you post freelance jobs and hire multiple developers, it is important to track every developer’s activities. PHPMaker lets you do exactly that.

Highlights –

  • You can create responsive layouts with Bootstrap.
  • You can link multiple databases and tables.
  • You get email notifications when tables are modified.
  • It lets you track users using database file and log.
  • It lets you create mobile-first menu, breadcrumbs and use vector icons.
  • You can export all data in all the popular formats.

Scriptcase –

It is a web-based tool which means you need a constant internet connection. But this is the reason why some people avoid it because they are more comfortable using a standalone desktop application for development like PHPRunner. More than one user can work on the same project which is very useful when you hire PHP experts to work on the one project in a collaborative manner. It supports a wide range of databases as well. You can create forms, charts, grids, and calendars effortlessly. You can export data in formats like XLS, XML, DOC, and PDF. You can also create macros and custom codes. There is additional support for project diagrams so as to see the relationship between objects and modules. One can connect multiple databases and edit multiple records at the same time. You can integrate your website with Google Maps, social media and YouTube seamlessly.

Highlights –

  • Multiple developers can work on one project simultaneously which makes it ideal for startups.
  • There are options for internationalization with the support of over 50 languages and dictionary and translation option.
  • You can all the cool user interface items like calendars, menus, forms, charts, reports, validation, and others.
  • The ability to create macros is very useful no tot waste time doing the repetitive works and the dashboard is developer-friendly ad feature-rich that will enhance development speed.

Final Verdict –

If you want to create a database related web application or website, PHPRunner should be your choice. If you are a startup and you are into developing PHP projects, Scriptcase is the initial thing you need to get into to design the project layouts and include all the basic things effortlessly. It is difficult to use it in a complex project development. PHPMaker is only useful when you let your users access the database of your application or website.

Kitty Gupta