The Progressive Web App(PWA) is a bridge between a mobile app and a mobile-first website. It brings a mobile app like experiences for any website without having to install a dedicated app from the app store. It is considered to be the next big thing in the web development world. Basically, companies will not need to have dedicated native mobile apps to represent their business to the mobile users. The website itself will act as an app for the mobile users and this will be convenient both for developers and users. Currently, mobile users face the problem of having too many apps installed on their smartphone for every company of their liking. It slows down the performance of the smartphone and takes a lot of space unnecessary. The next time you hire freelance web developers to design your website, make sure it can be used as a progressive web app.

Why Use Progressive Web App(PWA)?

The reasons for using progressive web app concept are not far-fetching. The current structure in web development is that a company has to hire freelance web developers to build a website to represent his business online. Furthermore, the company has to post freelance jobs to hire mobile apps developers to create Android and iOS apps for mobile users. There must be a cross-connection between two platforms for continuous syncing of data and maintenance is also not cost effective.

That is exactly why progressive web app is required whereby the company needs to build a website that can act as an app for the mobile users. It will save a lot of money as web developers alone can do the work and the syncing and maintenance is very cost-effective for the company. Furthermore, this also makes the website SEO-friendly to get higher ranks easily due to its ultimate mobile-friendly design.

Benefits Of Progressive Web Apps(PWA) –

Apart from cost saving and SEO-friendly approaches, developing progressive web apps will soon become the new trend in web development because of the following benefits it has to offer –

Offline Usage – The web technology used in the creation of progressive web apps has the feature to let you use the website or features of the website in the app form even when your network connection is done while accessing it. It is due to the fact that the websites are very lightweight so that they are load easily on mobile phones and hence, the total webpage or website is being sent to the users for temporary storage and hence, unavailability of internet connection is not becoming an issue.

Faster Loading Time – A website that has been built by maintaining the standards of progressive web apps so that it can be used by the mobile users like an app, it should be very lightweight. The reason is that mobile data takes too much time to load a website in its original form. That is why Google has recommended the mobile-first design to make the websites lightweight and have a separate version for mobile browsers. But these issues are getting solved completely when the website is getting transformed into progressive web apps. Due to lightweight websites, it takes lesser time to get loaded on the computer as well as on mobile browsers and hence, the user experience is also getting better.

Increase In Conversion – Since the website is becoming device independent, there has been a marked increase in conversion rate. This is especially true for e-commerce sites. According to Google, the purchase of a product on e-commerce sites generally begin in one device and the purchase is completed in another device. Since most of the websites are not into progressive web app development, a user who started shortlisting the products on his laptop, if he wants to check out through his smartphone, he has to install the dedicated native app of the e-commerce company or he has to go to mobile browser and access not so mobile-friendly website which is always unimpressive.

But with progressive web apps, users can start purchase from any computer and can check out from mobile without installing any app yet getting that required app experience when he opens the website through his mobile browser. The technology has been used by AliExpress and conversion rate has doubled. Furthermore, the engagement rate has also increase by nearly 100% due to the introduction of progressive web apps.

Conclusion –

The progressive web app is the future of web development. Since it is device independent, you no more have to build separate apps for Android and iOS. As a matter of fact, you do not have to build any app. You can integrate any feature to the website and it will be available in the hybrid app when mobile users access your website on their browsers. If you are planning to build an e-commerce website, post freelance jobs to hire web developers who are capable of progress web app development.

Kitty Gupta