Google reviews are essential for better local SEO and higher ranking on Google search engine results. Potential customers check out the Google reviews left by past clients and customers and these reviews help to build a trust factor so that they prefer you over those who have fewer reviews or none. It is said that 90% of customers take their purchasing decision based on reviews. Therefore, it is essential to encourage customers to write Google reviews to establish yourself as a credible brand and influence customers to purchase your products. Posting freelance jobs to hire people who can leave fake reviews is not a good idea.

The Benefits Of Google Reviews –

A positive Google review acts as a recommendation for other potential customers to buy your product. People check out Google reviews for digital companies as well as local businesses. It is essential to kill your local competitors comfortably. Furthermore, people search for companies and business on Google Maps or on Google search engine with places mentioned. If you have a good average rating and more reviews, you will be listed higher and you will get the attention of your targeted audiences instantly. It will increase the click-through rate and people will get contact information instantly and hence, the conversion rate will increase tremendously. More number of positive Google reviews is a certification of your quality service and product and it will establish you as a trusted brand.

Steps To Encourage Customer To Write Google Reviews –

Only 1 out of 10 people leave a review. But as many as 7 out of 10 persons leave reviews when asked by the businesses. Therefore, you should make it a constant thing to ask your customers to leave reviews without really forcing it on them such that they do not get irritated and leave the association. It is a critical part of your marketing, branding, and customer relationship management. Here are some of the ways to do so effortlessly.

Ask In Person – Once you have the contact details of your customer, you should always ask your customers to leave a review. When you talk to your customer, it will strengthen your bond to make your customer a repeat customer and get the feedback to provide better service and product. There is as much as 100% chance of the customer leaving a positive Google review when you ask in person and brief him the way to do so. You have to hire freelancers who are great at persuading customers with their pleasant voice and comforting words. After the call, send the customer link to your Google Business Page where he or she can leave the required review instantly.

Get The Timing Right – Asking too early for a review is going to create a bad impression and will make your customer irritated. Asking too late could be good theoretically but the customer will be reluctant about leaving a review and due to your push for review, he may prefer another brand in future. Therefore, you have to ask your customers in the most relevant time when he has used your product to a greater extent going by the assumption.

Asking Via Email – Asking via email to leave a Google review is the most difficult task to get a review because most of the people ignore promotional email without even looking at the content. That is where you have to be creative. First of all, make the email personal such that it should appear to the customer that the email has come from a person and not a general marketing email with stereotype tone and formal sentence. Plan an incentive to make the customer leave the review immediately. For example, you can offer an exclusive coupon code for next purchase if the customer leaves a review on your Google Business page. Provide the link and when the customer leaves the review and reply back to you, you can hire freelancers to check it on your side and send the promised coupon code for a discount on next purchase.

Use Social Media Network – Just like email, you need to have some incentive for people who leave a review on your Google Business Page. It is very easy to reach out to customers and potential customers. It is more likely that a customer who has bought your product could be following you on social media. You must also advertise the fact that there are incentives available on your social media pages which will encourage customers to follow you there. Now, you have to interact with your customers directly and ask them to leave reviews on that particular social media site as well as on Google Business page and in return, you can give him a coupon code. Instead of posting freelance jobs to hire people for fake review, you should always give incentives to real customers to get real reviews effortlessly.

If you are not getting a response from your customers through email or on social media, you can go for phone message to get this attention easily. Leave the shortened URL of Google review leaving page and mention the incentive to influence him to leave the review instantly.

Kitty Gupta