The introduction of blockchain technology through cryptocurrencies is turning the digital world upside down. Suddenly, everyone can see the application of blockchain technology in almost everything. Blockchain is rather a simple technology and experts are ready to put it into use to replace the complex technologies currently available in different sectors. Blockchain technology is the top trend in the digital world and 2017 was its breakout year due to the exponential rise in cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology has universal applications and starting from entrepreneurs to large corporations have started to hire freelancers to build blockchain-based applications. Here are the top blockchain technology trends in 2018 that will dominate the world.

  1. Blockchain and Internet of Things(IoT)

There are many who think that blockchain is a technology that is only applicable in finance and fintech sectors. The introduction of Ethereum has completely changed that perception due to the creation of smart contact framework. There are various issues experts are facing to implement IoT successfully across the globe and blockchain seems to be the solution they were waiting for. Blockchain helps in create a scalable framework for IoT. Furthermore, it provides the necessary security measures so that the system is tamper-proof. The system will be cost-effective and faster than the existing one. The robust decentralized model of blockchain will prevent attacks on IoT that are happening due to single point failure.

  1. Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial Intelligence is one of the top trends in the world in 2018 as far as technology goes. When you combine blockchain into it, you know that it is going to be the trend that will dominate 2018. Blockchain technology can be integrated with AI implementation and the issues in exchange of big data that currently exists in AI can be resolved cost-effectively. Furthermore, blockchain will provide a secure platform to connect big data owners and AI developers and this will help the smart devices take advantage of the system and use AI to do things never thought before.

  1. Blockchain and Healthcare

There is no doubt that blockchain will domination banking and financial sector in 2018 as it has already in 2017. But the next big usage could be the healthcare sector. Major healthcare companies have started to hire freelancers for developing blockchain technology-based applications for authentication, record maintenance, monitoring, supply chain management and much more. It is believed that by 2020, 10% of the healthcare sector will integrate blockchain with their existing system and enhance healthcare facilities like never before. It will decentralize healthcare data and this will save money and improve workflow.

  1. Blockchain and Supply Chain

Ethereum’s smart contact concept has opened by unlimited possibilities using blockchain technology. The supply chain industry is highly dependent on technology and this technology can be enhanced and optimized to save time and deal securely with blockchain implementation. This smart contract concept can be extended to financial transactions, insurance claims, real estate deals, healthcare data access and most importantly to the transportation and delivery system. The concept of digital energy tokenization is slowly getting implemented by various energy companies whereby blockchain technology is used for storage, trade, and supply effortlessly. A global network of supply chains can be created smoothly and it will boost the finance, manufacturing and production industries across the globe.

  1. Blockchain and Entrepreneurship

Blockchain has become super popular among artists who are accepting payment through cryptocurrencies. As a matter of fact, the partial popularity credits of certain cryptocurrencies should go to them as they were bold enough to engage their fans to pay them through cryptocurrencies and make it a trend across the world. But there is an untapped 7 billion creative artists and consumer marketplace which could well come under blockchain-based application in 2018. This is where various entrepreneurs are working on and this will enable independent entrepreneurship across the globe starting from artists to any creative maker.

  1. Miscellaneous Other Trends

The development of smart cities across the globe is on the rise whereby the major cities are chosen to upgrade them with all the latest technologies starting from commerce and digitalization to transportation and energy distribution. With blockchain being a universal technology, it is going to be the backbone of smart cities and everything can be controlled using one technology in the most secure and cost-effective way.

Blockchain technology can also be used in proper governance. That is why government agencies have started to post freelance jobs to hire qualified people who can help build applications based on smart contacts of individuals and companies and track their financial activities for a massive economic growth and transparent governance.

These are the most popular and top blockchain technology trends in 2018 that you need to watch out for and you need to learn blockchain technology’s implementation and conceptualization for enhancing your future prospects because companies will post freelance jobs like never before to hire blockchain specialists.

Kitty Gupta