Social media sites are undoubtedly the best marketing platform because most of the online users are always connected to their social media accounts throughout the day. You can reach out to your targeted audiences through your accounts and pages effortlessly by posting interesting content regularly. The social media sites and the tools associated with them have got very advanced and robust with time to meet all the requirements for the marketers comfortably. Social media scheduling tools have made life easy for the social media managers because they can schedule posts from time to time in advance and they will get published automatically in the set time. Therefore, they can manage multiple accounts simultaneously and never run out of posts to publish regularly. As a matter of fact, some of these social media scheduling tools have options to publish the posts at specific times automatically such that the reach of the posts is optimal. The next time you hire social media experts, make sure they are acquainted with the advanced social media tools to help you grow in social media sites exponentially.

  1. Buffer

Buffer is the most popular social media scheduling tool. You can schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even Google Plus. It will publish your posts as per your scheduled date and time. Its dashboard is user-friendly and you do not need to hire social media experts to manage your accounts anymore. All you have to do is to keep on adding posts and put them in the queue with scheduled date and time. They have browser extensions and mobile apps for easy scheduling wherever you are. Check out the pricing here.

  1. HootSuite

HootSuite is the second most popular social media management tool after Buffer. It has more features to offer than Buffer as part form schedule posts, it has features for creating analytics and reports. It also helps in content curation as it lets you find posts and conversations by keywords and hashtags. It also has multilingual support and team management features. You can manage Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts only. If you post freelance jobs and hire social media managers, you can manage the team efficiently through the platform. Check out the pricing here.

  1. Sprout Social

This platform supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus. You can not only schedule posts across all these accounts but also edit multimedia content, assign roles to social media managers working in your team and much more. If you want your posts to be visually appealing, this is a great platform to use to create such posts and schedule them. It also has the feature to automatically publish posts at the optimal time to maximize reach and engagement. It is a complete digital content marketing tool. Check the pricing here.


  1. Sendible

It is a perfect social media tool for scheduling posts across multiple social media accounts. The tool is extremely popular among social media agencies as it provides a complete solution for managing members of a team. Starting from scheduling and working in collaboration to analytics and reports, this is the ultimate social media management tool with all the required features under one roof. The next time you post freelance jobs to hire people for managing social media accounts, do so without worrying about how to handle them. Check the pricing here.

  1. Oktopost

This is a very user-friendly tool that will help you categorize the content and schedule them for publishing on different platforms. It is a perfect B2B social media management tool and it is designed to maximize your reach and increase brand visibility by automatically publishing the posting during peak times. It also has mobile apps to queue up posts on the go and check the pricing here.

  1. CoSchedule

With CoSchedule, you can simply put your posts in the queue and they will get published when most of your followers are online. Therefore, the reach will be maximum and so will be the engagement. You can share content from any website instantly. It keeps reposting your best posts from time to time to keep your accounts buzzing. It is designed for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. It is a complete digital marketing management tool. Check the pricing here.

  1. Tailwind

This social media schedule tool is for managing Instagram and Pinterest accounts. It lets you search and discover content for reposting and rephrasing, scheduling posts by date and time, analyze results and provides analytics, and maximizes reach by posting the schedule posts automatically at the optimal times. Check out the pricing here.

  1. Later

This tool is tailor-made for scheduling posts for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. You can preview the post just like the way they will appear. You can save posts under different labels and upload photos and videos in bulk from your cloud drives or hard drives. It also comes with a browser extension and you can search posts on social media sites using hashtags and users and then report them. Check the pricing here.

  1. BuzzBundle

It is compatible with not only just popular social media sites but also with forums and various blogs. You can schedule posts, make comments and send replies. It is not only scheduling and managing tool but also an engagement tool. The dashboard makes it super easy to manage everything under one roof effortlessly. Check the pricing here.

  1. TweetDeck

It is a simplified Twitter-based tweet scheduling tool. Some social media managers like its dashboard more than the one Twitter has. You can check out your feed through the platform and schedule any tweet on the go. You can tweet on multiple Twitter accounts and see live tweets of your feeds.

Kitty Gupta