SEO is the key to success in the digital world. It is more important for startups as it provides a shortcut to be successful in the short time and get ahead of the crowd in their niche. You can hire SEO experts to do the whole off-page SEO but you have to know certain on-page SEO techniques and tools so that you can make content SEO-friendly. As a beginner in SEO, you will come across various tools and resources some of which are worth trying while other could be a total waste of time. Therefore, we have listed below the best SEO resources for startups to excel in the online world and overtake some of the established companies with continuous and right SEO efforts.

SEO Tools –

SEO tools are indispensable for faster SEO works starting from keyword selection to making content SEO-friendly.

Google Keyword Planner – It is the most used tool to find the keywords to optimize throughout the website as well as in specific web pages. It is a completely free tool and you can find those keywords that have low competition but high search volume to write content around those keywords and get unlimited organic traffic. It is the first tool you should use before writing any content. You can hire SEO experts to find out the most profitable keywords for your website and accordingly you can write your web contents and articles. You can also use Moz Keyword Explorer.

Google Analytics – Analytics are an important part of SEO strategy evaluation and optimization. You get to understand the type of traffic you are getting and their behaviors to serve them better. You can also find out how your SEO performance is going and whether you need to adjust parameters for a better result. If you are doing paid marketing campaigns, Google Analytics will show you the effectiveness of such campaign and you can modify according to get the best conversion rate. You can get all the different parameters about your web traffic starting from location, behavior to engagement and interests. It is a completely free tool.

Moz Open Site Explorer – This is a perfect tool to use for link building. You can discover relevant websites to link to, the inbound links to your website, your domain authority and page authority. You can also analyze your competitors and keep a strict watch on their SEO strategies like which websites they are linking to so that you can do the same and even better for a better search engine rank. You can also install MozBar on your browser for quickly tracking your competitors. Check the pricing here.

BuzzSumo – It is an ultimate SEO tool to find out the contents that are going viral on social media. You can get unlimited ideas to write on and get huge social media traffic. Similarly, you can find the social media influencers to promote your product and increase your brand value more than your competitors. Furthermore, you can keep a strict watch on your competitors and get alerts when they publish some new. Moreover, you can compare your performance with your competitors and find out your weak links. Check out the pricing here.

QuickSprout – It is the ultimate tool to understand the SEO health of your website. I tis very important to check your SEO parameters and find out the weak points and hire people by posting freelance jobs to fix them and get better rankings. The tool analyzes your website and suggests changes required for a better SEO score. It takes into consideration not only the content but also the images for a perfect on-page SEO report.

Apart from these, you should have a look at XML Sitemaps to create your sitemap instantly and submit to search engine for better ranking, Google Search Console for ranking tracking and indexing, Google Mobile-Friendly Test, Google PageSpeed Insights. If you have a WordPress-based website, install All in one SEO Pack plugin and Yoast SEO plugin for on-page SEO.

SEO Blogs To Follow –

SEO blogs are where you get to learn the different SEO techniques available that will make your long path short for easy success. You will also get to learn the changes and best practices in the SEO world and implement them yourself without posting freelance jobs to hire SEO guys.

Moz SEO Blog – This blog has topics on all the different sections of SEO starting from local SEO to on-site SEO and they keep posting latest SEO updates and tutorials taking into consideration the latest algorithm.

Backlinko Blog – It is one of the most popular SEO websites where you can get latest SEO guides and news with various case studies to understand the SEO efforts that worked and failed.

QuickSprout Blog – This blog is run by Neil Patel who is one of the most popular SEO experts in the world. There are various free guides and paid courses to know deep secrets of SEO.

Apart from these, you should also follow Search Engine Journal  and Search Engine Land.

Furthermore, you should know about some SEO forums like SEO ChatHigh Rankings, Search Engine Watch where you can post your doubts and get them clarified from the SEO experts for free.



Kitty Gupta