Vaadin is a web framework that is based on Java and renders on Google Web Toolkit. You can create rich web applications by writing Java code with server-side architecture.  The main purpose of Vaadin is to increase developer productivity, make the application scalable, and present a better user experience. All you need to know is Java to create web application through its framework. It is an open source web framework and it can be used by entry-level programmers as well as advanced developers.

The approach of Vaadin is quite unusual if you compare it with JavaScript which is the leading programming language for web development. Instead of relying on libraries and providing plugins based solutions, it works on server-side architecture. For the client-side interaction, Ajax is used to create an interactive user interface. Furthermore, it has more of an event-driven programming approach and hence, it is closer to the graphical user interface, unlike HTML and JavaScript which are more function-driven and sequential. Moreover, Vaadin does server-side validation and authentication and if the data are tampered on the client-side, the validation will not go through.

Features Of Vaadin Framework  –

Server-Side Architecture – The most prominent difference of Vaadin with other Java web frameworks is its server-side architecture. It is due to this architecture model, developers can run most of their business logic on the web server which is what they always prefer to. The connection between the client-side and the server-side is done by JavaScript. It is built on Google Web Toolkit(GWT). But unlike a native GWT app, Vaadin has widgets to create the interactive UI directly in Java without using HTML or JavaScript.

UI Designing –Instead of writing your code for UI in Java and then compiling it to JavaScript in GWT compiler, you can use Vaadin classes and widgets to create UI direct with Java code. So on the server-side, there is Java code and on the client-side there is JavaScript and the communication is done seamlessly thanks to the modern web browsers. It comes with UI designer, Dashboard designer, Data visualization tools and various other add-on components.   In addition, if you are not satisfied with the components that Vaadin has to offer, you can create client-side components and compile it to JavaScript in the traditional way using GWT compiler. In short, Vaadin offers you all the flexibility and features you need to develop stunning user interfaces that users will be impressed with.

Programming Model – Vaadin has the component-based model for programming which is also one of the primary reasons to use any framework for that matter. You can reuse the components anywhere you required in the development stage and one can also import components of other low-level web programming languages. Furthermore, it simplifies the general issues in web development world like browser compatibility, client, and server communication mismatch, integration of different languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Testing and Security – Testing is the most important aspect of the web application as a single mistake can crash the application and companies can lose millions. Vaadin has features by which you can automate the testing and quality assurance and it is achieved through Vaadin TestBench. All the basic testing features are checked and analyzed automatically. As a matter of fact, the platform tests the application on various browsers and operating systems to make it executable smoothly on all platforms.

Java is one of the most secure programming languages in the world and Vaadin takes extra care of the security features for the application you develop. All the possible vulnerabilities that exist with native java are eliminated. There are various tools available to implement authentication and create authorization controls as per the requirement of the web applications. There are various sub-frameworks available for direct use in the application for lesser development time.

Different Versions – Vaadin framework is one of those web frameworks that have various versions. Vaadin has Core, Pro, and Prime versions. Core is the normal version and it is free and open source. On the other hand, Pro and Prime are based on monthly payments. Naturally, Pro version is more robust than Core and developers can develop applications fasters and there are many more tools and features available. For Prime versions, the company will provide constant support and it is highly required for big project development.

Vaadin framework is compatible with all the leading operating systems and web browsers. There are plugins available for popular Java IDEs like Eclipse and Netbeans for faster and easier Vaadin based web application development. If Java is the only thing you know, Vaadin is the best framework for you to work on and write business logic as well as design UI with Java only. Various big companies like Dell, Netflix, Motorola, Volkswagen, and others have trusted Vaadin for the development of your web applications with simplified UIs.

Kitty Gupta