The demand for ecommerce platforms is always on the rise because most of the business websites need to have an online store section to sell products and service online. There are so many different ecommerce platforms based on which today’s online stores and ecommerce sections of the websites are being created. We can divide the ecommerce platforms into three sections, the first section belongs to those that are based on PHP like Magento, the second section belongs to those that are based on Java and the third section is from others like Shopify coded in Ruby on Rails. Today, we are considering the open source ecommerce platforms coded in Java and talking about the best one out of them.

The Best Open Source Ecommerce Platform On Java –

There is no dearth of ecommerce platforms on java just like it is the case with PHP. To name a few Maven, OSGi, Apache OpenJPA, DotCMS, Shopizer, Qalingo are the ones that come to mind. But out of all these, it is Broadleaf Ecommerce that outperforms and outshines them rather easily with its features.

Broadleaf Ecommerce provides all the features and functionalities required in developing all the different types of ecommerce website whether it is dealing with B2C, B2B, marketplace, API commerce, and others. Every ecommerce solution can be tailor-made to meet your specific requirements. It is one of the most lightweight and robust framework in the industry.

Features Of Broadleaf Ecommerce That Make It The Best –

Cart Management – The cart system is the most important part of an ecommerce website. The cart operation of Broadleaf ecommerce is smooth and feature-rich. There are multiple payment methods available, one can apply promotional codes, connection with fulfillment providers, and sending automated emails.  You can alert the users how much money he is short to get a free delivery or free goodies scheme. You can also send targeted offers to the users based on the product available on the cart. Everything can be set and automated so that the support team does not have to take a headache and pay their attention to where it is required.

Offers and Promotions – In today’s digital world, it is the promotions and offers that you provide to your existing and potential customers which will decide the fate of your ecommerce platform. Broadleaf is popular for its powerful and advanced promotional engine by which you can send targeted offers based on browsing history, previous orders, devices used, the geography of the customers, and much more. One of these will surely click for any customer, and they can’t help but visit your site. Not just that, you can have bundled offers, end of season discounts, personalized in-cart messages and on-site advertisements, loyalty incentives and much more.

Content Management – Though content is not a major part of an ecommerce platform, a blog has become a regular part. Broadleaf has its own MCS for the same. Every content can be supervised after submission before approval. There is internal commenting system and you can set targeted and personalized content to manipulate the mind of the customers and encourage them to make the purchases.

Product Management – The backend of an ecommerce website is equally important as the front end. The product lifecycle management can become extremely tough if the ecommerce platform does not have a robust backend system. Fortunately, Broadleaf has the best product management system with the catalog management for handling sellers and buyers in the best possible ways. You can create products, categories, offers, and make changes on the go.

Order Management – It is one thing to manage a small online store, and it is a completely different world when you have to handle a huge traffic every day. The post-sale service has to be the best starting from order placement, fraud alerts, fulfillment, returns, splitting orders, notifications and much more. You can integrate with the logistics and fulfillment carriers. You can provide a simple and easy system for the users to track orders. Everything is conveniently manageable and can be automated as far as possible.

Miscellaneous – Broadleaf Ecommerce offers the best possible smart search system. There are so many different parameters to offer so that the users can find the suitable products based on their requirements. There are multi-currencies and multi-lingual support, and the website is accessible for all the different devices. The customer management is also advanced as it has a multitude of features. The customers can manage their account and make modifications effortlessly.

Lastly, an ecommerce website should be highly scalable as there will be additions of new features in the future depending on the demand, changing trends, and various other factors. Broadleaf is a highly scalable platform, and it is also extensible due to its open source nature. You can create custom controllers with experienced developers to fulfill all your requirements completely.

Kitty Gupta