In today’s digitized world, a business cannot make the most until it opens an online store and start selling the products and services just like the offline market. The biggest question that occurs when thinking about creating an online store is choosing the platform for creation. There are so many platforms available like Shopify which is extremely expensive, Magento which is very popular, Yo!Kart which is tailor-made for startups and likewise. Today, we are going to compare between Magento and Yo!Kart and help you decide which one you should go for.

Difference Between Yo!Kart vs Magento –

Approach – The fundamental difference between the two popular e-commerce platforms lies in their approach. Yo!Kart is tailor-made for creating a multi-vendor system where multiple vendors can sell their products as you see on Amazon. Basically, you can create an online platform rather than an online store. Magento is more focused on allowing the developers to create a personal online store where there will be one seller. But both these platforms have features to do the otherwise using various extensions. Instead, you should use the platforms for the approach they are tailor-made for.

Winner – None as both are specialized for different things.

Architecture – The architecture of any platform is extremely important for the developers. The robust the architecture will be, the easier will be the development process. Yo!Kart’s architecture is lightweight and customizable. It has the standard MVC architecture which will help the majority of the developers to work intuitively as they must have worked on multiple numbers of projects based on MVA architecture. Magento, on the other hand, follows modular architecture which is a rather new thing for most of the developers. But this makes it easy to do customization on the front end and backend rather effortlessly.

Winner – Yo!Kart as MVC is a regular framework.

Developer-Friendly – It is safe to say that as an owner, you are likely to hire a developer to modify the existing framework and sample online store offered by the platforms. You might find it hard to get Yo!Kart developer in comparison to Magento which is extremely popular and there are various coding organizations that solely work on Magento.

If you have certain knowledge about programming and framework, you can read the documentation that comes with Yo!Kart and make the changes yourself quite easily. Magento’s documentation is quite complex, and that is why they offer paid developers themselves. But instead of opting them for a hefty fee, you can hire independent developers externally from the freelancing market.

Winner – Magento because many developers are readily available. Props to Yo!Kart for making modification easy for owners.

Security – Security is a primary concern for any online store where money is involved. Yo!Kart is a clear winner here because Yo!Kart is a not an open source package like Magento. That is why the common security issues associated with open source system are not present. It is well-encrypted, the library is tightly bound, and the security patch is regularly updated. On top of that, there are various extensions available to provided added layers of security. Magento is open source, and it is directly dependent on the extensions for any required security feature. One has to wait for the release of the next version to get security updates.

Winner – Yo!Kart due to a close-ended system that is less vulnerable.

Extensions – If you are using Yo!Kart, you will probably not need to import external extensions because all the required features are already included in the platform. Since Magento is an open source system, there are so many extensions available which you have to import quite often to make your online store robust. It is needless to say that the use of too many external extensions slows down the performance of the application and it can affect user experience.

Winner – Yo!Kart due to the inclusion of all the required features and less need for extensions.

Miscellaneous – Yo!Kart is inexpensive in comparison to Magento. When Magento has monthly pay system, Yo!Kart has a one-time payment system.  The technical support from Fatbit team for Yo!Kart is free for the first year while Magento charges from the first day only. Therefore, you can get a lot of help from the support team in building your store as you want. As far as SEO parameters go Magento has a slight edge over Yo!Kart due to its popularity rather than technical features. Yo!Kart has a special internal message system that lets the buyer interact with the sellers easily. Magento does not offer the same yet.

Final Verdict – Use Yo!Kart for creating multi-vendor online platform while use Magento for individual online stores. If you are low on budget, go for Yo!Kart and you can develop your store in less time and with more features and security. When the traffic has become too large to handle, upgrade to Magento after trying their free trial. Be ready to pay hefty month every month which should not be a problem if your business has grown considerably.

Kitty Gupta