Canva is one of a kind graphic designing tool in the form of the website. You do not have to install any heavy graphics designing tool on your desktop nor do you have to learn graphic designing and create creative illustrations. Starting from small business to large companies, everything is already ready-made on Canva. All you have to do is select the appropriate piece for your requirement and make a few simple edits, and the graphic is ready for use. This single web platform has turned the company into a billion-dollar company, and it is now featured in the Unicorn Startups list. As a programmer, you must be wondering what is the programming language used in creating this masterpiece.

What Does Canva Offer To The Users?

Canva has a wide collection of templates for all the graphics objects starting from logos, posters, and cards to email header, presentation, and much more. It divides the graphic sections into several categories, and it meets all your demands in one place. There is literally no software or web platform that offers so much under one roof. The categories include social media post designs, marketing materials, document designs, blogging and ebooks, advertisement designs, and miscellaneous. You can choose from the free templates or buy your favorite premium templates for uniqueness and create a stunning impression for the targeted audiences.

But that is not all as the platform enables teamwork and a graphic design team of a company can collaborate conveniently. Therefore, the platform is capable of fulfilling personal and professional use. Most of the companies prefer Canva over graphic designing software. You can create your own thing as well. There are thousands of free photos and illustrations to choose from. Canva has integration for Dropbox for professional companies and design teams to work together.

What Are Programming Languages Behind Canva?

Even though Canva appears to be an extremely big web tool, in reality, it is not that big of a deal. Most of the functions on the website are repetitive. The development did not take as many days as you might be thinking nor was the development team that big. As a matter of fact, Canva has merely 100 members in their team at present, and they have 3 offices in over 12 countries. Canva started with graphic designing first before elaborating on teamwork concept. There is no one programming language that overwhelmingly dominates the rest. The platform is a perfect combination of multiple frontend and backend technologies, and we have discussed them below.

Frontend –

You will be surprised to learn that Canva is heavily dependent on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. In fact, most of the development has been done with them only. If you have consistently checked their career section from the beginning of the company, they specifically hired experts on those three languages. At some point, they hired WordPress experts, but that is because of the backend.

The wide use of Ajax and JQuery is clearly visible on the interface. All these technologies have been combined to design the stylish and the most intuitive user interface that has made the platform so popular for professionals and amateurs. The use of Angular JS and React cannot be ruled out as you can create stunning graphical works with them easily. Canva has been revamping their user interface quite regularly, and therefore, it is safe to assume that they are using the best features of the popular frontend technologies to make the platform super easy to operate and embed more features.

Backend –

Canva uses PHP for the majority of the work in the backend. It must come as a surprise to many, but the backend was originally developed in PHP only. At a later stage, Node.js was included for various robust features. There are many tools used such as WebPack, SaSS, and Gulp. For the analytics work, the platform uses Python and Ruby on Rails. There are many programmers who have claimed that Canva is running on WordPress which is not far from the truth. Canva has occasionally hired WordPress experts, and along with WordPress, MySQL has been used as the main database system. There is also a mix of SVG and DOM elements used.

Final Word –

If you want to develop such a web platform for graphic designing based on templates, you can do it easily with ASP.Net. It is the easiest language to create all the features in the most efficient way with less coding. But if you are a PHP developer, you need to have a strong grip of JavaScript and its related technologies like Angular JS, Node.js, API services and likewise. It is highly dependent on JavaScript and PHP, and if you are an expert in these two technologies, you can create it comfortably. If you are Java and C++ developer, things can get messy, and it will take a lot of time to come up with something like Canva.