It is commonly observed that males dominate overwhelmingly in the coding department across all the leading tech companies in the world. It is true that a good percentage of females take up computer science at colleges and universities, yet, there is such a low representation in the industry. It is because they change their course of study towards the management section. In fact, females have more percentage representation in the project management skills than any other programming languages we are going to list below. But this does not mean the coding is a thing for male only. The percentage of females in the coding industry is increasing steadily, and the following is the list of the top 10 most popular programming languages among female programmers.

Ranking The Top 10 Popular Programming Languages Among Females

HackerRank has recently conducted a survey to find out the percentage of female programmers interested in different leading programming languages. The list reveals the popularity of them among female coders.

  1. Java – Java is the most popular programming language among female coders. It is primarily because Java is taught in the school and colleges extensively and they have fallen in love with it. Java has updated itself leaps and bounds to compete with the new programming languages like Python. There are robust frameworks and libraries available which have kept it in the trend, and it is one of the most demanded programming languages till date. Furthermore, Android development without Java is impossible, and mobile app development has become a must these days.
  2. JavaScript – JavaScript in the second place comes as a shock for many because there is not really much female representation in the web development industry. But the fact that JavaScript is the most popular and demanded programming language currently with various associated languages for client and server side development, it should not come as a shock. There is no dearth of job placements, and the language is rather easy to grasp in a short time.
  3. C – C is a programming language that is considered to be the basic language to learn when you jump into the programming world. Even though it is out of favor at present more so because of Java and Python, it is still relevant and the base of major developments. Objective-C could be a big reason for that which is extensively used in iOS app development.
  4. C++ – This programming language is still the dark horse among all languages. If not C, C++ is behind major standalone software in all niches. Even some of the websites like Alibaba still continue to use C++ for its versatility and robustness. It is good to find out the C++ scores over Python in popularity among female programmers.
  5. Python – There is no need to mention that Python’s popularity has risen exponentially in the last few years and it is the programming language everyone is learning as the demand for such programmers are high and so is the pay for such job placement. The young generation of female coders is loving it and giving a tough fight to the males in job recruitments for Python developers.
  6. PHP – PHP is the most used web programming language, and over the year, it has revamped itself to catapult its popularity to the next level. There are so many heavyweight websites, and web applications regularly developed on PHP that the demand of PHP programmers are high. The female representation is quite high in this technology. The lack of dearth of job placement and the developer-friendliness are some of the reasons for its popularity.
  7. C# – C# is the most popular programming language developed by Microsoft so far. A lot of web and software development can be done easily with C#. But its lack of availability in the different operating systems has barred its popularity to some extent. It is due to its robust GUI development, the programming language is quite popular among female codes.
  8. Ruby – Ruby is one of the few languages that have multiple programming paradigms. This is why it is the easiest programming language to make a transition from any other programming language you have mastered so far. No wonders why it is a darling among female programmers.
  9. R – R programming language features in the top 10 popular languages in the world as per the recent survey conducted worldwide. It is an indispensable language for graphic designing and statistical computing. Females have a wide interest in both these fields, and hence, R’s popularity is rising among them.
  10. Perl – Perl is a dynamic programming language, and it is popular as a CGI scripting language. It is widely used in networking programming as well as system administration development. Perl developers have one of the highest pays in the industry even though its popularity is not increasing as good as Python.

If you consider other languages that are not exactly a full-fledged programming language, MySQL and XML are quite popular among female programmers.


Kitty Gupta