If you are getting started in the computer programming world, it is important for you to choose the right programming language that can help you land a job anytime you want. The demand for programming languages changes every year. You should know the programming languages that have a high demand in the current scenario and the demand will be consistent for the next few years. It is useless to learn a programming language that is on the decline in popularity within the industry. Instead, you should learn the one that is trending and rising high up in popularity. For example, C and C++ are getting out of the trend, and even though they are useful to learn, it is going to be a waste of time in reality. The following is the list of programming languages that are the best for job placements.

Best Programming Languages For Job Placement –

Stackflow conducts a survey every year to find out the programming languages that are in huge demand in the programming industry. The following list is a compilation of the most demanded programming languages according to the survey.

JavaScript –

JavaScript is the most demanded programming languages in the computer programming industry. You have a super high chance of getting a job placement if you know JavaScript through and through. It is the most versatile web technology, and a website is incomplete without it. In fact, JavaScript is more important than HTML5 and CSS3 which are essential for website construction.

The popularity of JavaScript exploded in the last few years with the introduction of JavaScript frameworks and libraries like jQuery, Angular JS, Node JS, React, JSON, Scala, TypeScript, and much more. It has become the jack of all trades as it is indispensable in mobile app development and game development apart from web development. One out of 5 jobs posted by the companies is for a JavaScript developer.

Python –

In comparison to JavaScript, Python’s rise in popularity is contemporary, and there is a huge demand for Python developers. In reality, learning Python can be more useful as there are fewer Python developers available in comparison to JavaScript developers. The scope of Python developers is also high in terms of application development and higher pay. Since there are more JavaScript developers, the pay is not as high as it should have been.

Python is a server-side programming language, and when you do server-side programming, the effort required is more in terms of thinking and implementing complicated things. Therefore, the pay is high, and industry pays more respect to a Python developer than a JavaScript developer. So, if you want to learn a server-side programming language and get an instant job placement, Python is ideal.

Java –

Java has been the leading programming languages in the industry for nearly a decade. But the demand has slightly slowed down with the rise in popularity of Python. Yet, it is still one of the most versatile programming languages with enough demand. Android programming is impossible without Java, and in today’s world, there are more mobile users than web users.

Apart from these, the use of Java extends to standalone software development, games development, and various other web developments. There are some of the best frameworks available on work on Java like Spring and Struts. You can always find a job placement in Java just like JavaScript. But in you have in-depth knowledge, the pay can be higher than JavaScript jobs and even Python jobs. At present, there are 10 million Java developers which is the highest in comparison to all programming languages.


PHP was once a sinking ship, but over the last few years, it has made a comeback and has become one of the most demanded programming languages. PHP has become robust over the years, and it is a server-side programming language. There are so many heavy websites being built with PHP and its frameworks. The development is easy, but there are many PHP developers available as well just like JavaScript. If you learn PHP in depth and capable of epic developments, there is a high paying job waiting for you.

Miscellaneous – If you want to get an edge and a high paying job, Ruby or Rails is getting quite popular, and there are not many developers. In the database technology, SQL can be learnt in depth, and there are big jobs waiting for you.

Final Words –

If one has to pick one programming language out of these based on the current demand and future potential, it has to be JavaScript. JavaScript has been in the trend for nearly a decade, and its popularity is on the rise every year. There are so many related technologies available like Angular, Node, and React JS that it can only get stronger. Rather than concentrating on multiple programming languages, you should learn JavaScript in full depth with the related technologies.