TikTok offers a complete framework that makes it simple for people to make a video selfie. And usually, the creators are starting with the younger generation. When the app of TikTok was musically, it was the first network of real social which has reached the audience of the first-grader. Tik Tok is mainly the short time of the video platform usually 15 seconds, and users will be able to upload the videos that show themselves to the public. You may see various cute pets, awesome scenery, different kinds of foods and also some pretty girls on Tik Tok.

How does Tik Tok work?

As we have already seen, Tik Tok is a social network based on the reproduction of short videos in the loop. Let’s have a look at its main features:

·        People share video selfies in which they record themselves, often with background music that accompanies their movements.

·        Tik Tok offers the possibility of editing videos before publishing them and stands out for its wide variety of fun filters. Not surprisingly, it works so well with the younger audience.

·        Within the application, we can find a chat for clients to talk to each other and an exploration tab that allows you to discover the most popular videos of the moment, very similar to Instagram.

·        To connect with other users, Tik Tok has a system of followers and followers, such as Instagram or Twitter.

·        Other functions include friend lists and voting.

To orient yourself within the Tik Tok application, the first thing you find is the main page, where you can watch the most popular videos or the users you follow. If you decide to play a video, it will be shown in full screen, and you will see a series of icons to take different actions: follow the user, mark as “like,” comment or share.

In addition to this main screen, you can also find content in the browser tab or perform your searches. Note that the videos are tagged with hashtags.

To record your videos, you will have to press and hold the central button. You can release it and press again to record your video in several shots, always respecting the maximum of 15 seconds. Also, when editing the video, you can apply different effects to different shots. In addition to recording content directly, you can also create sliding videos from photos stored on your device. You are ready to start using Tik Tok.

 Tik Tok for brands

Looking at Tik Tok’s reach figures and projections for the future, it can be a great time to set up a brand presence on the network. Luckily, Tik Tok has company-specific pages where you can publish your content and start connecting with users. If you want your page on this network to be a success, sign up for these recommendations:

·        Create exclusive content for Tik Tok. Trying to adapt the content of other networks does not work too well in Tik Tok since it has a different and unique style. Instead, think about the type of content that most interests users of this network and how your brand can contribute. In the next section, you can find a list of the most popular Spanish Tik Tok users to inspire you.

·        Interact with your audience. Tik Tok has unique functions to interact with your audiences, such as augmented reality tools or the Gaga Dance Machine. Take advantage of them to increase engagement in unique ways.

·        Take advantage of Tik Tok events. The Tik Tok carnival is organized every year, and tickets sold out last year. For brands, it can be an excellent opportunity to connect with influencers and celebrities, as well as to promote their products.

Artificial intelligence technology is required to filter and customize user data. The application uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically understand and add tags when utilizing object and image recognition.
The application requires cloud storage. Here can the cloud storage options such as Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage. The cost depends on the selected operation, network, and data storage.

·        content distribution network
·        Universal operating system
·        A database such as Cassandra and MailChimp integration
·        GWT improves programming productivity
·        Video and audio transcoding
·        Database management with Datastax
·        Easy payment methods such as electronic wallet

If you are building an Android application like TikTok, you can use the Kotlin and Java programming languages. For iOS development, you can use Swift or C. When building a hybrid application, you can use technologies such as Flutter and Xamarin and React Native.

Development team requirement

·        Android and iOS developers
·        UI / UX designer
·        Mobile development
·        Database expert
·        Quality control expert
·        Front-end and back-end developers
·        Sales and marketing team
·        Product manager
·        Delivery expert

Today, in the market, there is a great demand for programmers with knowledge in some very specific languages, which are the most used for their effectiveness and functionality. Here is a list of the 5 most demanded programming languages.

To build an app like TikTok, you can use C#, Java, Objective C, Swift, Angular JS, React JS, etc. but it can be many depending upon technical expertise.

1) Java
It is the most popular programming language in the world, very useful for creating applications for a large number of users, whether for mobile or desktop. It works very well together with Android since this program is also created with Java.

2) Javascript
It is present on all websites, so it is highly demanded in the market. Because of its dynamism, it is a very easy language to learn, and it is recommended that all programmers master it, due to its extension and functionality.

3) C#
It is the language par excellence for the development of Microsoft applications and services, so its learning is recommended to all programmers. With this language, you can develop video games, desktop programs in Windows and web pages, among other functions.

4) C ++
It is a language based on C. It is widely used by companies such as Adobe and Microsoft, so it is highly demanded in the market. One of the peculiarities of this language is that it offers the possibility of redefining the operators and of being able to create new types that behave as fundamental types.
5) PHP
It is an open-source language, free to use and free for all programmers who want to use it. It is processed on servers and can be used to create dynamic web pages written in HTML. It is currently very popular with programmers and companies.

According to the recommendations of the network itself, the ideal is to publish in Tik Tok about five times a week. As for the time, the greatest impact is achieved between 8 and midnight.

Kitty Gupta