Nowadays, the world has moved into online marketing and social networks! There are several social media apps growing every day. TikTok is one of the hottest video based platforms in the world. It has reached more than 1.7 billion users, and 500 million people use this platform at least once per month.

Growing followers on TikTok takes time and effort. But if you utilize all the features on TikTok, you can easily boost engagement and increase your fanbase!

In this article, we have discussed 10 killer hacks to get more likes and fans on TikTok.

1. Upload Videos Regularly

Consistency and persistence is an excellent strategy to increase followers on TikTok. It is a good way to upload new and different content at least once or twice a day. If you post high resolution videos regularly, you will get a chance they visited your profile page.

If you can’t post content regularly, you can schedule your video daily. It is another method that helps users regularly watch your content.

2. Utilize Tikok For You Page

For You page is the main feed on TikTok, which helps to discover new videos rapidly. When you enter into the TikTok app, you can see a page of videos labeled “For You.” It is a collection of videos you’ve already watched and liked.

Do you know the factor that TikTok highlights your videos on your For You page? Yes, if you post regular and high quality content on TikTok, your videos can be displayed on the for you page. It can naturally gain more attention and get more followers to your TikTok profile.

3. Post Original Content

TikTok is one of the world’s largest social networks, and there is tons of content live and die on TikTok every day. But most people follow the same content strategy like lip-syncing and dancing videos. But you don’t follow the same strategy, and you should create unique content that people haven’t seen before.

4. Use Trending & Popular Music

TikTok gives you an effective music library feature to find all kinds of music for your videos. But you’ll need to use trending songs in your TikTok videos, which helps to get more impressions within a short time.

You can also scroll the TikTok For You feed to find what type of songs are popular on TikTok. Choose one of the songs you’ve liked and add it to your videos.

5. Engage With Your TikTok Followers

Growing your TikTok following is the way to generate more sales and drive traffic to your website. The most important method for gaining TikTok followers is to engage with them regularly.

TikTok provides huge opportunities for you to increase your followers count within a short span. TikTok followers app organically boosts your fanbase and video likes. So, you can use this app to get real followers on your TikTok account that will show your profile more authentic and attractive.

6. Create Your Own Challenges

Hashtag challenges are an excellent way to grow your TikTok followers and increase engagement for your TikTok videos. On TikTok, you can participate in other user’s challenges or create your own challenge post that will encourage your audience to create and recreate videos with specific hashtags.

Here are some most popular hashtag challenges on TikTok:






7. Cross Promote Your TikTok Profile

Cross promotion is one of the best marketing strategies to increase your popularity. If you have a loyal following on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more, you can promote your TikTok video on all of the other social accounts. It is an excellent way to obtain massive engagement and establish your TikTok profile to a new group of people!

8. Make TikTok Duet

Collaboration is the key to expanding your profile reach to loyal followers. TikTok offers duet features to perform with other TikTok users without face-to-face meet.

Here are simple steps to create a duet on TikTok:

  • Open the TikTok app on your mobile device.
  • Select a video you want to make a duet for.
  • Click the share button on the right side of your screen.
  • Tap the duet option on the share menu.
  • Click the camera button on the bottom of the screen and record your duet with your friends.
  • Select the next button, and it will take you to the editing page.
  • You can edit your videos you may want and tap the post button.
  • Your duet will automatically publish on your TikTok profile.

9. Upload Cute Animal Videos

Most people likely watch animal videos on TikTok because it is more fun and makes entertainment. It is the best part of TikTok to grab massive attention, and it will create a fretful mind.

The time warp scan is one of the most trendy and fun filtered animal videos on the TikTok app. Most content creators and influencers work hard to create such funny videos.

10. Post Content At Peak Time

Increasing followers on TikTok is easier when you know what is the best time to post content on TikTok or when your audience is active online. If you have a TikTok pro account, you can easily find out the perfect time and days your audience is more active.

You can also follow your other social networks and track when more posts appear from a particular time. You will follow that time for your future posts on TikTok.

11. Add A Clever CTA

A TikTok profile with a call to action button will increase your website traffic and follower’s activity. So, you need to add your CTA that encourages your audience to visit your website, which can help to build your exposure and increase social proof! Effective and catchy CTAs always increase conversations on TikTok.

TikTok is one of the fastest growing platforms in the world! If you put your efforts into making high quality videos and post content regularly, you can enhance your TikTok profile to an exact audience.

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