It is said that you should always be passionate about what you do in order to excel. This saying is more applicable if you are aspiring to be a coder. Unless you are passionate, you can never master a programming language. In the professional world, all you have to do is master a couple of programming languages to get the highest paying jobs. There are a lot of people who what to learn something about all the trending programming languages, and they end up going nowhere. You should be clear from the beginning with which programming language you should hookup, fall in love with, and get married.

Programming Language To Marry –

Getting married to a programming language means learning it to its core. You can proudly say that not many people know more than you about that programming language. You should get married to that language with which you can spend your entire life. Therefore, the language must be current trending with the best future scope. In the current scenario, JavaScript on the client side and Python on the server side are dominating. You can also learn Java and C++ but they are out of the trend now, and most of the companies are revamping their products and serves in Python.

For example, you chose JavaScript to get married to. You have to start from the basic and get to its core. After learning JavaScript and applying your knowledge to solve difficult problems, you have to explore its branches. The branches represent the associated languages. They are jQuery, JSON, React, Angular JS, and various other frameworks and libraries. This is true for any language you opt for such that you know every aspect of the programming language and nothing should be left out.

Choosing The Language – Considering the present scenario, Python is the most sensible and mature programming language to get married to. It is taking over Java and C++ which have dominated for decades. In fact, it is on its way to becoming C++ and Java for the next few decades. All the leading tech companies are implementing Python in some way or the other for its robustness and scalability. If you want to type something besides the usual mainstream programming languages, you can go for Ruby or Rails or the latest TypeScript which is on the way to overcome JavaScript. If you want something to the extremes, Go and Scala are dominating the market. There are so many highest paying jobs available for Go and Scala developers. If you are just starting, they are a great option for the future career.

Hooking Up – In normal life, a hookup is considered to be a temporary thing. In the programming world, hookup with a programming language is like learning a programming language as a backup. It is not going to be the language you intend to get married to or excel your career with. It is a language that can save you if your primary language fails to deliver and goes out of the trend.

For example, if JavaScript is the language you want to get married to, your hookup language could be HTML5 and CSS3. You need to have their knowledge, but they will not get you anywhere. In case, JavaScript goes out of the trend, you can take up other client or server side language corresponding to JavaScript, and the knowledge of HTML and CSS will definitely be handy.

The other example could be learning PHP which is the server-side language when you are a master in JavaScript which is more client-side language but has server-side programming features as well. In case you fail to get high paying jobs in JavaScript, you can turn your focus on PHP and master that to get the kind of high-yield job you are looking for. Therefore, the programming language you are hooking up with will ensure that you are never lonely.

Choosing The Language – When it comes to choosing the programming language to hook up with, it has to be in sync with the programming language you are getting married to, or it has to be something that is trending. Coming to the trending part, Go and Scala is the most trending programming languages with the highest paid jobs. If you are looking for a programming language to be in sync with the one you have already mastered, you have to choose wisely. If it is a client-side language, JavaScript can be a language you can hook up with. You can also opt for TypeScript which is gaining popularity like crazy. For the server side, Ruby on Rails or Java is still interesting. Java opens up chances for mobile app development. If you are iOS and MacOS developer, Swift with Objective-C is a great combination. If you are married to Python, you can also try a database language like SQL in-depth.