In real-life coding, especially when you are working for a product based Software Company, before writing the actual code, one has to implement a solid algorithm. The first step is understanding the problem. Then comes analyzing and planning the solution to the problem. The third step is critical which is creating the algorithm of the problem and finally the implementation of the algorithm through coding. If the algorithm is done correctly taking into consideration all the possible scenarios while coding, it is a cakewalk. Today we are going to look at which programming language is the best for coding in algorithms or when the problem is algorithm based.

Coding in Algorithms – C++, Python, or Java

C++ – It is the oldest programming language on the list and old is always the gold when it comes to coding in algorithms. Starting from the days of C, most of the solutions in coding was algorithm based. That is why you will find so many algorithms present in the data structure of C and C++. Whether you are working in a product based company or participating in a competitive coding contest, coding is algorithm is the only way out.

You should C++ for coding in algorithms if you are looking for all-around efficiency. It has the best data structures out of the three programming languages. In fact, some of the best algorithms are ready to use from the standard template library. Furthermore, it offers low-level control with pointers which is extremely handy for coding in algorithms. The memory management is also in your hands, and you can use references to make the flow of the execution as per the demand of the solution. But it is one of the most difficult languages to master especially if you are getting started. But if the coding is related to the embedded device, then C++ is the only options as other languages are not supported.

If you are good at C++ and has done some data structure programs in C++, you should always go for it for coding in algorithms. No other programming language offers so much control to the programmer. But it will take up more time in development and analyzing as well as testing in comparison.

Java – Java is a step ahead of C++, and there are many who start by learning Java as their first programming language. As Java came after C++, it is relatively easy to learn and code. There are endless templates available in the library to do coding in algorithm faster. Moreover, there are so many library functions available that you will take less time in development in comparison to C++. But it does not offer as much precise control over your program as C++ does. In fact, Java tends to be slower in execution in both the languages. This slow state is very critical in algorithm-based development where the time constraint is taken into consideration. When you take this algorithm in a large-scale application, the delay in time period will be widely visible.

But there is no denying the fact that Java has a great collection of packages for data structures. Furthermore, there are more data structures available like List, Hashmap, Dynamic Arrays and much more which are not available in C++. You would have to create them by coding as they are highly useful in the algorithm-based programming.

Python – Python is one of the most popular and most demanded programming languages. It is the easiest programming language to learn for a beginner. There are different factors where Python clearly outshines Java and C++. First, when it comes to the speed of development and execution, Python is a clear winner. The lines of code you have to type for implementing the algorithm goes down drastically in Python. That is why there is a major shift from C++ based products to Python-based products in most of the tech companies.

Coming to the packages, libraries, and functions, Python kills Java’s advantage completely. Many of the things you are like to code in C++ and Java are already present through packages and libraries. Moreover, there is no variable dependency which means you do not have to declare any variable before using. The data type headache is no more there. The conversion is handled internally and efficiently.

The functions like sorted, min, max, count are inbuilt, and there is no more writing explicit code for them. In fact, the TIMSORT is the best function out of the lot. Furthermore, the List data structure is the revamped and robust. There are backtracking option, sub-list option, and they can hold different data types conveniently. Moreover, functions can return two data types, there is flexibility in function arguments, and all these features make it the best choice for coding in algorithms.

Final Word – If you want full control over your coding, C++ is the best choice. But if you want to develop in the least time, Python is undoubted the best. Java is never a good choice after Python came out. Even though C++ is still used for coding in algorithms in the professional programming world, Python is taking over thick and fast.

Kitty Gupta