HTTP POST usually requests the supply of additional data from the browser or from the client to the server in the body of the message. On the other hand, GET needs and it also includes all requisite data in URL. Forms in the HTML may either use method through specifying the POST method or the GET method which is default in <form> element. This method is also specified determines how data gets submitted to the server. While the method is about GET, all data is mainly encoded in the URL, also appended to action URL like query string the parameters. With the POST, form such kind of data that appears within the body of the message of an HTTP request.

Key differences:

1. Parameters in GET stays to be in the browser history as they are a key part of URL, however, parameters in POST does not get saved in the history of the browser.

2. GET can easily be bookmarked, however, POST can’t be bookmarked.

3. The request of GET gets re-executed though it might not be re-submitted to the server when the HTML gets stored in the browser cache. On the other hand, in POST browser generally alerts the user about the data that should be re-submitted.

4. In GET, it may send but parameter data gets limited to the fact that we may stuff in the request line for the URL. It is also safe to use the parameters that are less than 2K, some servers also handle the parameters about 64K. However, POST Can send the parameters, which includes uploading of the files on the server.

5. GET is simple to hack for the script kiddies whereas POST is tricky to be hacked.

6. GET offers restrictions on the type of form data as only the only ASCII characters are allowed. However, in POST there are no restrictions and Binary data is even allowed.

7. GET is not much secure as it is compared to POST as the data sent is the part of the URL. Hence it gets saved in the history of the browser and also the server logs in the plaintext. Whereas POST is quite safe because parameters do not get stored in the history of the browser and the weblogs.

8. In GET, there are Restrictions to create the data length as it forms data which is in URL and also the length of URL is restricted. The safe length limit for URL is usually 2048 characters but it differs from web server and browser. Though, in POST there are not any restrictions.

9. The GET method must never be used while sending passwords and other important information. However, the POST method is used while sending passwords and other crucial information and details.

10. The GET method is easily visible to everyone (it would get displayed in the address bar of the browser) and it also has limits on the number of details that you will send. On the other hand variables of the POST method does not get displayed in URL.

What is GET Method?

The GET method is mainly used to request the URL from the webserver for fetching the documents on HTML. It is the conventional method used for the browsers for delivering the details and information that are counted to be a crucial part of the HTTP protocol. Also, the GET method represented in URL, hence it may also get bookmarked. GET is comprehensively used in the search engines. After the submission of the query done by a user to search engine, this search engine executes the entire query and it also gives the resulting page. The result of the query will be set as the bookmarked link.

The GET method allows the anchor generation, that assists in accessing the CGI program along with the query thereby devoid of the usage. This query is then constructed to the link, and hence when the link gets again visited with CGI program it will help you to retrieve the most suitable and appropriate information from the database.

The GET method also has some set of security issues as inserted data becomes visible in URL. Just the restricted amount of the data may also be passed through the GET method, as URL length that the browser may simply traverse and can also be a thousand characters.

Another important issue about the GET method is that it might never deal with foreign languages. The GET method does not get suggested to use though it is still when the attributes and method are not distinct for GET method that is the default.

What is POST Method?

The POST method is considered to be most suitable in a condition where the much significant amount of the details can pass through. At any point when the server gets the request by the form of employing the POST, it endures to “listens” for left information. However, in easy words, the method will transfer all relevant and crucial information of form input instantly once the request to the URL is done.

The POST method requires establishing two different contacts with a web server, on the other hand, GET just makes a single one. The requests in POST are usually well managed in a similar way as it gets managed in GET method where entire spaces are represented in the symbol of plus (+) sign as well as the rest of the characters get encoded in a different style of a URL pattern. It may even send the items of the specific file.


POST and GET are mainly two different kinds of efficient techniques that may simply send data to browser and server that necessarily need them for communicating to the server. These two methods are mainly distinct where GET method gets added with encoded data to URI though in the POST method this data gets appended to the body instead of being appended to the URI. Apart from this, GET method is also used for retrieving entire data. On the contrary, the POST method mainly is used to update and to store crucial information and data.

Kitty Gupta