Cryptocurrency mining is nothing but verifying the transactions on a cryptocurrency network. To do cryptocurrency mining, you need to have the hardware resource which can be CPU, GPU, or ASIC. These resources are required to guess a string of characters called a hash called ‘Proof of Work’. You should know the CPUs offer the slowest hash rate while ASICs are designed for a high hash rate. Once you are done having the hardware resource, it is time to connect the software part to it. The role of a cryptocurrency mining software to connect you to a blockchain or mining pool. It monitors the inputs and outputs of your miner and shows you all the statistics such as speed, hash rate, fan speed, and other details.

  1. Multiminer

It is definitely one of the most popular cryptocurrency mining software that comes with a graphical user interface. Therefore, it is suitable for beginners. It is primarily designed for Windows users, but Linux and MacOS users can also use it after installing an additional software. There are great advanced features, and it guides the beginners how to connect to a mining pool and what information to enter to stay associated with the mining pool. The complicated terms are well explained, and therefore, it becomes the most user-friendly software for mining cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, it scans the hardware and shows you all the details you need to know. You can see the hashing power, pool details, project profits and various such useful information. Moreover, it can connect to multiple pools at once. The software has the option to select the most profitable coins to mine as well as the ones that are least difficult to mine. Most importantly, it is free, and you can send 1% of your profit to the developers through the option available.

  1. BFGMiner

If you are really serious about making money by mining cryptocurrencies, you should go for ASICs rather than relying on CPU and GPU. BFGMiner is that software that is tailor-made for ASIC to perform at is best. In fact, it does not even support CPU and GPU. It is suitable for cryptocurrencies that use SHA256 mining algorithm. The software is compatible with the leading OS like Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can do customization, and there is an option for overcooking. Connecting to multiple mining pools is a cakewalk. However, it is completed command line based but it is intuitive, and there are hotkeys for easy operation. It is completely an open source software and one of the most efficient and effective cryptocurrency mining software applications.

  1. CGMiner

CGMiner has been on the market for 6 years, and it supports every operating system. It is definitely one the best cryptocurrency mining software, but you need to have some knowledge about the command line. It does not have a graphical interface and operates through a simple command line interface. It supports multiple devices and can use the GPUs connect to your machine. It might take some time to get used to the software, but it is truly a gem if you understand it properly.  But it is better to install on the Linux operating system as Windows Defender causes some issues in its smooth operation. It is mostly used to mine Bitcoins.

  1. EasyMiner

As the name suggests, it is the easiest cryptocurrency mining software to use. You can create an automatic paper Litecoin Wallet and start mining instantly from a private pool. The dashboard is the best part. You can configure the mining pool and change network settings and check out stats. In fact, it also includes a console through which you can connect it to CGMiner and CPUMiner software so that you can use EasyMiner has their graphical interface. The console also lets you track the operation of connected CGMiner and CPUMiner from the software itself. It is better suited for Linux users as Windows Defender removes or blocks it. You can mine bitcoins and litecoins at the same time. It is also an open source tool which is why it is free. You can make it work with CPU, GPU as well as ASICs.

  1. Bitminter

It is one of the longest-running cryptocurrency mining software, and it is popular for its clean and intuitive interface. It works with GPU and ASICs, and it shows all the important details like hash rate, number of proof of work accepted, time spent working and likewise. There is also a command line interface that keeps on providing information and updates on mining. It supports all the leading operating systems, and it is entirely free for use. However, it charges 1% of your profit as a commission.

You can go for all these software applications to start mining cryptocurrency and after trying them out, you can settle with one and start making some solid money mining the cryptocurrencies till they last.

Kitty Gupta