There is no doubt in the fact that computer programming is the first choice of career that most of the students opt for. It is because, in today’s world, we cannot think of anything new without computer programming backing it up. All the electronic products you use every day, computer programming plays a major role. There are so many different computer programming languages available and learning so many is a huge matter of time and money.

However, the huge matters can be settled easily if you can learn them from anywhere you want at any time you please and that too free of cost. This is where the YouTube channels come into the scene. We are listing the top 10 YouTube channels that teach programming languages easily.

  1. TheNewBoston

This is the most popular YouTube channel that teaches programming languages. The channel has over 2 million subscribers, and you will find tutorials on almost all popular programming languages. Even though the YouTube channel is not active right now as far as uploading new content, but it has a huge tutorial database for you to swim in.

  1. Derek Banas

This is a great YouTube channel to learn programming sitting at the comfort of your room. The explanation of the YouTuber has attracted new users to subscribe to his channel. He also uploads new videos every week. Starting from the popular programming languages to the new ones that are rising, it covers all of them from basic to certain depth. Therefore, apart from mainstream programming languages, if you are interested in the unusual programming languages that have demand in the market, this is a perfect YouTube channel to follow.

  1. LearnCode.Academy

This is the go-to YouTube channel for the beginners. The channel has over half a million subscribers and over thousands of videos covering all the different programming languages in web development, game development, software application development, app development, and whatnot. However, the channel is most popular for its web development tutorials. Besides, the channel is regular in uploading fresh content on the latest programming languages.

  1. SlideNerd

This is a perfect YouTube channel for the beginners to learn everything all by themselves from scratch. Different topics are divided into different sub-topics, and they are covered in full details with examples. The teaching is very methodical and therefore, easy to grasp for the beginners who are new to the programming world. Apart from programming languages, it covers various other topics a programmer should be aware of. Therefore, this channel is a must follow.

  1. Adam Khoury

This is a relatively new YouTube channel, and this is on the rise. There are various unusual programming languages available which can land you high paying jobs in your future career. For example, the web animation programming guides are something extremely new, and there is a huge demand for such programmers in the industry. Definitely, follow the channel and spend spare time learning new things in the programming world.

  1. Programming Knowledge

If you want to learn the popular programming languages in totality, this is a great YouTube channel to subscribe to and go through the videos. Apart from the basic things, it covers a lot of different aspects of a programming language and also shows how to install a programming language and get started. All the programming languages available here are covered in details by having a lot of videos on the same programming language addressing the different features and aspects. The channel is also verified by YouTube.

  1. Kudvenkat

This YouTube channel focuses on teaching the viewers Microsoft Dot net and SQL Server. The YouTuber is from the corporate world having worked in MNC companies on the technologies. Therefore, you get to learn the insights of the industry and be prepared for the companies and land a job on those technologies.

  1. CodeCourse

Even though the YouTube channel is not active right now in uploading regular videos on programming languages, yet it has a huge database of videos. The videos cover the programming languages in details and there are so many different videos available on the same programming language each of which covers different topics. You should definitely go through its collection of videos. It mostly focuses on web development languages.

  1. TreeHouse

This is a very professional YouTube channel for teaching programming language. Apart from teaching languages, this YouTube channel covers a lot of different things related to the programming language. It explains topics like why should you learn certain programming languages, all the latest development in the programming world and likewise. These videos are equally interesting and informative.

  1. LevelUpTuts

If you want to be a web developer, this is a perfect YouTube channel to follow and go through the videos. Even if you have learned the programming languages in bits and pieces, these videos will sharpen your programming skills and make you a better programmer. The topics of the programming languages in web development are covered in full details in different videos for better understanding.

Go through all of these YouTube channels and see which one you find the best for the programming languages you want to learn. You should settle down with one of them and be regular in going through all the past videos and practice to perfect.

Kitty Gupta