Even though a job life is the most secure one to live, but techies never settle well with a job. They value their skills and want to do something where they do not have to take orders from bosses. In short, most of the techies want to have their own business and make it successful. To make a business successful, the business needs to be on something where there is a huge demand. In today’s scenario, there are a lot of sectors where businesses can flourish with the right strategy. The following is the list of the top 10 business ideas for techies where they can put their skill into work.

  1. Data Analysis Consultancy-

The data analysts have the highest paying job in today’s world. This is because analysis of data and generating factual reports help the businesses to take informed decision and drive the growth of the company. Moreover, analyzing the various types of data that accumulated in the database of a company, the hidden opportunities can be spotted, and the products can be made better for more sales. Therefore, you can open a business for data analysis consultancy and offer value propositions to companies to get them on board as clients.

  1. Social Media Management –

No online business can function today without the help of social media. The social media platforms are helping the businesses to reach out to the targeted customers and drive sales and revenue. However, companies do not have the proper k knowledge or the time to make social media platforms work for them. Therefore, they always hire social media managers for their business pages and to set up advertisement and marketing campaigns.

Apart from that, you have to take care of all social media posts and interactions. Since it works for all online businesses, the companies are willing to pay huge money for social media management. You can use your tech skills to set up effective campaigns to boost the lead generation and sales. You can get social media influencers on board for further publicity.

  1. Online AD Management –

It is connected to the above business, but it is more focused on advertisement and marketing. Apart from social media advertisement and marketing, you have to set up successful campaigns on search engines to drive organic view. Besides, you have to leverage the video sharing platforms like YouTube for advertisement and marketing. You are basically going to open an advertisement and marketing agency for online platforms, and you can hire experts to get the job done on the orders.

  1. Video Production –

In today’s world, video content has more preference than photo or text content for marketing. Therefore, there is a huge demand for video production and space is not yet crowded. Video production involves making new videos, editing them, processing footages and making a video, making creative videos and likewise. There are companies waiting to shell out huge money for quality video production.

  1. Internet Research –

Every company needs to do various types of online research to understand the market, the customers, and competitors. Moreover, they need a lot of data and information that can only be obtained after proper internet research. That is when you hire an internet researcher to get the job done, and there is a huge demand for this. Therefore, you can use your skills to set up services related to internet research and get the businesses to buy them regularly.

  1. App Development –

Every new website is having an app now. Therefore, the old websites are upgrading them to have the same. Therefore, the demand for app developers is very high. If you are not developing an entirely new app, creating an app for an already present website is rather easy. Therefore, you can do that, and with time, you can also develop innovative apps for the startups.

  1. E-commerce Store Development –

There is a huge rise in the number of e-commerce stores online. Most of the offline sellers want to have an online platform to sell their stuff. Therefore, there are various platforms have come up like Shopify to allow the sellers to create online stores easily. Therefore, you can create a business offering services for e-commerce development, and the scope of this business is unlimited. The development is also not a headache as the demands usual and forward, and it would be like repeat orders.

  1. Online Coaching Services –

The trend of learning everything online is on the rise as more and more people spend most of the time of their days online. Therefore, offering quality coaching services will definitely attract potential learners. In fact, people are always in search of a right coach to guide them in personal and professional life. You can offer coaching services on soft skills, personality development, technical skills, handling issues and much more. The demand for these is huge, and you can understand that form the views such videos you get on YouTube.

  1. Tourism Guidance –

With the rise in internet users and the standard of living, there is a huge demand in the tourism industry. A tourism guidance business is a hot favorite. It does not need a huge investment as such as you can contact the local guides and keep them on board. Then you need to advertise your service at mouth-watering package prices to attract potential tourists. There are various platforms available to advertise apart from social media such as hotel booking sites. It is a low-risk and high-profit business.

  1. Website Flipping –

If you do not have much time to invest in the business you want to start, website flipping business is the best. All you have to do is keep an eye on the website flipping marketplaces and buy the ones that you think you can resale at a higher price. Therefore, it needs less time, and the profit can be huge depending on your selling skills.

There are a lot of techies who do it regularly and earn as much as their job salary. If you can employ a few people to constant buy the websites and sell them at higher prices, your business will flourish in a few days. You can use your tech skills to tweak the brought websites to make them better and sell them at twice or thrice the bought price.

Kitty Gupta